Thymesia Varg boss guide - how to beat Varg

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Image of Varg in Thymesia.

If you're going to stand a chance of finishing the short soulslike game, you'll need to learn how to beat Varg in Thymesia. Doing so isn't a straightforward process, as Varg notoriously brutalised the protagonist, Corvus, at the very start of the game, and he won't go down easily. Luckily, as the third core boss in the game, you're well-equipped to exact your revenge.

In this Thymesia guide, we'll explain how to defeat the Varg boss. He's not the hardest in this indie soulslike, but will require a good few tries nonetheless. Our tips will tell you the best talents to equip so you don't need to get stuck in a loop of retries.

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How do I beat the Varg boss in Thymesia?

Varg is a hulking knight with a two-handed sword who can deal some serious damage if you don't approach him properly.

You first encounter him very early into the game, though it's more of a tutorial boss that you aren't expected to win. When you next find him at the end of the Hermes Fortress level, you have to take him down for good.

Varg - phase one

Suggested loadout:

  • Reckless Deflect - max
  • Deflect - max

The first phase is fairly straightforward as long as you have the right talents equipped. As with previous boss fights, especially Odur, you'll want all of the Reckless Deflect talent and Deflect talents maxed out. These allow you to spam the parry button to counter pretty much all attacks.

Varg is a fairly slow opponent, swinging his sword in either two- or three-hit combos. Simply get up close to him, parry those attacks, and slash with the quick claw to whittle down his wounds bar.

Just rise and repeat this basic strategy, dodging out of the way to heal if you miss a parry, and you should get to the second phase fairly easily.

Image of Corvus defeating Varg in Thymesia.
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Varg - phase two

Aside from simple hitting harder, phase two of the Varg fight is more of the same.

The main thing to watch out for is simply Varg's ultimate attack. This is a grab where Varg holds you, slams you down, and strikes you on the head with his sword. Expect over 200 damage if it hits you. When the red beam first appears, spam dodge to get as far out of the way as possible his grab reaches quite far though, so it's a tough one to avoid.

As long as you can avoid too much damage from the ultimate attack, you'll find the second phase reasonably easygoing. Keep chipping away with blocks and claw attacks to slowly grind out his health bar. When it gets low enough, the red dot will appear, indicating that you can perform the execute move and finish Varg for good.


What are the rewards for defeating Varg in Thymesia?

Once Varg is finally done with, he drops several rewards to pick up. You'll get a Forgotten Feather, Varg's Core, Black Pepper, and two Giant Sword skill shards. Those are especially useful for unlocking this plague weapon, which is one of the best offensive choices in the entire game.

Once you've claimed Varg's rewards, you'll spawn back to Philosopher's Hill one last time. From there you can apply any upgrades or talents one last time, before speaking to Aimesy and taking on the final boss fight of the game.

That's it for our look at how to defeat the Varg boss in Thymesia. For extra help with the game, check out our Thymesia combat guide and Thymesia saving guide to ensure you're completely in the know. We've also got an Elden Ring map to help you explore the Lands Between!

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