Does The Outlast Trials have a story?

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The Outlast Trials: Two characters next to the police station

Does The Outlast Trials have a story? The newest game in the Outlast series is in early access now, and the full release should be here by the end of the year. The Outlast Trials is a survivor horror experience, which will have you at the edge of your seat.

Here you will find everything you need to know about The Outlast Trials' story. We will not dive into any specifics and ruin the whole story for you, but there will still be some small spoilers ahead about the general story of the game, so you know what to expect.

Does The Outlast Trials have a story?

The Outlast Trials: Monster
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Yes, there is a story in The Outlast Trials, but it certainly won’t be the same experience as the previous Outlast games. The Outlast Trials is set in the era of the Cold War before the previous games, so it serves as a prequel.

In the game, you will take on the role of a patient undergoing various experiments in order for you to be released back into society. In fact, these are mind control experiments performed by the Murkoff corporation, which has played a major role in the previous games as well.

In these trials, each in a different setting, you will need to complete various objectives while being chased by killers. There are some repeating enemy types, as well as major killer characters, like a deranged policeman with a thing for shock therapy, or an insane woman with a puppet on her hand that has a secret drill inside it.

Each trial will have you go on a unique journey filled with over-the-top violence and various gory scenes. Over the course of several experiments, other patients, as well as the facility employees, will develop relationships with you. That way, as you play, you will uncover the story of other characters.


There are also files with background information that you can find lying around. They aren’t amazing pieces of literature, but they provide some nice depth to the whole story, so if you are interested in the lore, you should search for them too.

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