The Outlast Trials - All enemy types so far

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A monster in The Outlast Trials.

The Outlast Trials is the newest entry in the Outlast series. In the game, you will be taken through various missions where you need to complete objectives while being chased by evil enemies. So we bring you a list of all enemy types in The Outlast Trials!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Outlast if we didn’t get a fair share of nefarious adversaries in the game. We’ll take a brief overview of all the enemies you will encounter in the game, both the standard and boss ones.

All enemies in The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials: Multiple characters are fighting
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In The Outlast Trials there is a wide variety of different enemies, all with their unique abilities and behaviours. We will take a look at each of them. There are also special enemies called the Prime Assets. Those are characters whom you can face in the trials, and we will look into them as well.


The most basic enemy type is the grunt. The grunts will try to attack you with a large metal claw strapped to their hands. You will encounter grunts a lot throughout the game. They do not possess any special abilities.

Big Grunt

The Big Grunt is the next enemy type. They are large humans with the ability to deal a massive amount of damage. They act very similarly to regular grunts, and don't have any special attacks.


The Pouncer is a type of enemy that will hide in a locker and attempt to jump-scare you by pouncing at you as you pass the locker.


The Pusher is a type of enemy that wears a gas mask. When they attack you, they will spray you with toxic gas that will put you in a state of psychosis.

Skinner Man

The Skinner Man can be encountered only while you are in psychosis. They are ghost-like monsters that will pursue you and depending on your sanity, may hurt you. They do not pose a threat to players unaffected by psychosis.

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The Screamer is harmless as long as you leave it alone. If you get close, however, they will scream really loud, and this will disorient you and may attract other enemies nearby.


Last but not least is the Impostor. Those are enemies that can impersonate one of your teammates. They will try to get close and surprise you with an unexpected attack.

The Outlast Trials: Multiple characters are fighting
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The Prime Assets

The Prime Assets are a special kind of enemies that you will encounter in the game. They play the role of recurring enemies or the main villains of the trials. Think of Chris Walker, also known as the big fucking guy, from the first Outlast game. There are currently two of these enemies in The Outlast Trials.

Leland Coyle

Leland Coyle is a police officer and he really likes electricity. He carries around a car battery on his back hooked to a baton, which he uses to shock people. He is very sadistic and will try to torture anyone who gets in his sight. We do not really know where he came from, but we can assume he was fired from his policeman job for his cruel behaviour.


Mother Gooseberry

The second Prime Asset is Mother Gooseberry, who is probably the most interesting enemy in all of The Outlast Trials. She has a duck puppet on her hand called Dr. Futterman, who has a secret drill inside of him. Mother Gooseberry is a former children's TV show host suffering from a personality disorder, caused by her abusive father. Her whole head appears to be burnt or otherwise injured. She wears a creepy mask over her face to hide this.

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