Does The Outlast Trials have crossplay?

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Multiple characters in The Outlast Trials

With the release of the new Outlast game, many players are asking if The Outlast Trials has crossplay. This feature is very important for games that can be played on PC and consoles, as it allows you to participate in the same match with players using different devices.

So, today we are going to answer that question and tell you what the developers have to say about crossplay. Fortunately, we have an official statement about the future of this feature in The Outlast Trials!

Does The Outlast Trials have crossplay?

Yes, The Outlast Trials has crossplay. Therefore, you can go ahead and play in co-op with friends on other platforms, sharing the scares all around!

According to the Twitter post from the official Red Barrels account linked below, the developers have plans for a crossplay feature. The Outlast Trials has a co-op mode for those who want to play with friends. So, there will be a crossplay feature to help you connect to different users. However, it seems that the developers have no plans to add cross-progression.

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So, you will be able to play with your friends who prefer to use different platforms, which is great news. It’s very annoying when you can’t play with your comrade because you’re not using the same device.

The monster in The Outlast Trials
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Why is The Outlast Trials crossplay important?

The Outlast Trials is a new horror game that belongs to one of the most popular franchises in this genre. The game features a co-op mode that allows you to create a session with multiple players. So, crossplay is critical to a game like this, as it helps you play with those who prefer to use other systems!

The Outlast Trials is finally available in early access now. To learn more about the game, read up on whether The Outlast Trials is coming to PS5, as well as whether the game has co-op.

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