System Shock Remake - Where to find Laser Rapier

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The player character holding a gun in the System Shock remake.

Melee weapons are useful when your enemies are right next to you, and in this guide, we'll tell you where to find the Laser Rapier in System Shock Remake. This device is really powerful, and we will also explain to you how it works and how to use it against your foes.

Fortunately, there are two locations where you can find the Laser Rapier. However, one of these places is hidden, so we will explain to you how to enter this area.

Where to find the Laser Rapier in System Shock Remake

If you’re stuck in a space station with numerous hostile robots, cyborgs, and mutants, you should find as many weapons as possible, and the Laser Rapier is definitely worth your attention in the System Shock Remake. In order to get it, you will need to explore the Maintenance level.

Search for the Gamma Maintenance room and look to the right of its entrance. There you will find a ladder. Jump on it, climb up, and fight the robot that you will encounter. After that, you will find the room with the Laser Rapier. Here’s the location of the ladder we mentioned:

System Shock Remake: location of the ladder
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Or, alternatively, you can find another Laser Rapier on the Executive level. Here’s the location:

System Shock Remake: Laser Rapier on the Executive level
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This rapier has a unique feature. Its blade copies the colour of your UI when you pick it up. So, before you enter the room and take this Laser Rapier, change the colour of your UI to the one you like. After you activate the weapon, the blade will be painted in this colour for the rest of the game.

How to use the Laser Rapier in System Shock Remake

In System Shock Remake, the Laser Rapier is a powerful melee weapon that deals 90/150 damage and has 80/90% armour penetration. However, you should be careful when using it, as it consumes your Energy when you hit something. So, use it only against the toughest enemies.


Sometimes you don’t have enough space to shoot your enemies and in such situations, the Laser Rapier can save you. Go to the locations we’ve shown you in this guide and add this deadly energy blade to your arsenal!

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