How to level up fast in Steelrising

steelrising, level up fast

steelrising, level up fast

If you're looking into how to level up fast in Steelrising, there are plenty of ways to do so. As well as investing your anima in the right stats to kill quick, there are ways you can leverage the module system and new items to get as much Anima as possible.

In this, we will go over some general tips on how to level up fast and how to level up in the first place. It's pretty easy and can be done right away, but you may need to know what you're looking for. As well as this, starting in a good place is the best way of getting levelled up later.

If you're looking for more information on the game, here are our Steelrising tips for beginners. If this isn't what you're looking for, here is our best Steelrising build guide. Finally, here are guides on the Steelrising assisted mode and if we think Steelrising might come to Xbox Game Pass.

How to level up in Steelrising

You can level up from almost the very start of the game. Unlike other soulslikes, you don't have to defeat a boss, kill any enemies, or get any unique items. Move out of the first area, walk though a garden and open up a gate. Just past that gate, you will find a statue. Interact with it.

Steelrising - How to level up fast
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Interacting with the statue will send a chair up from the ground. Sit in this chair and you will find three options: Upgrades, Boutique, and Equipment. Click on Upgrades and it will show you all the potential stats you can upgrade and how much Anima is needed to do so.

What stats should you level up in Steelrising?

Steelrising has six main stats you can put your Anima into, but they tend to lose a little bit of their effectiveness as they get bigger. Once a stat reaches level 10, you've hit a soft lock, meaning subsequent upgrades will do much less than they originally would.

Because of this, you should spread your stats out to get as many bonuses as possible. This is counterintuitive to the way these games normally work but it's the best way of being overpowered early.

How to level up fast

There are plenty of ways to level up fast in Steelrising. First, you can implant a module from near the start of the game that grants you bonus Anima for each kill. Equip this early to get the most out of it. You can then go on to upgrade these modules with keys.

After this, killing enemies is obviously the best way of levelling up fast. It's worth sinking Anima into upgrading your weapons so make sure to do that as soon as possible.

Finally, put a few points into the "Engineering" skill to upgrade your loot multiplier. This will net you many more items from each kill. After you've built some up, sell them at the level-up chair to get a little extra Anima.

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