Starfield endings - Are there multiple endings?

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The timer during the Starfield trailer shows 11:11:22, which could be a hint at the storyline.

The first discussions about Starfield endings appeared as the game’s release was officially announced. Despite the years that have passed since then, discussions about endings in Starfield are still relevant.

In this article, you'll find out if Starfield has multiple endings. We included only official information, avoiding all rumours on this theme. We'll have to wait and see whether Starfield has such deep branching narratives!

Does Starfield have multiple endings?

Bethesda Games has not confirmed whether Starfield features multiple endings. Still, the majority of reckon that the game's storyline will have a few branching options.

We've also listed some reasons why multiple Starfield endings could happen:

  • Bethesda loves to give players the ability to shape their own experience in the game. The perfect sample is Fallout 4, whose endings are tied to the selected faction.
  • Starfield has over 250,000 voice lines, four times more than Skyrim and two times more than Fallout 4, as confirmed in a preview video. Given how deep the dialogue will go, that leaves plenty of room for multiple endings.
  • Starfield will feature a complex side quest system. Each mission will impact the main storyline and its development. That said, there's every chance the consequences of the storyline can differ based on the decisions you make.

These points may not be sufficient for some sceptics. Therefore, we'll try to update this article as soon as any official information from the developers appears.

How many endings does Starfield have?

The exact number of Starfield endings hasn't appeared yet. As was shown in the Starfield factions guide, the game will have six unique playable factions. Bethesda Games might adopt the approach from Fallout 4, and offer different endings based on the chosen faction. It’s the most likely option so far.


Still, many players want to see factions outside the main storyline. Factions will be independent groups that seek help from the main character. Players can complete quests from each faction, but it won’t significantly impact the gameplay.

It's worth noting that these are only our assumptions. Bethesda Games has yet to confirm any of the endings, so we expect more official information will appear as Starfield's release approaches. We'll update this article with all the intel you need once it appears!

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