How to fuse demons in Soul Hackers 2

Demons in Soul Hackers

Demons in Soul Hackers
August 26: Soul Hackers 2 is available now!

Demons? Summoners? Soul hacking? It's easy to feel quite lost within the Megami Tensei games, so here's how to fuse demons in Soul Hackers 2 and fill up your team. It's a familiar system to fans of the franchise, but it's always undergoing some little tweaks here and there in Soul Hackers 2.

The Megami Tensei series of games is filled with different things to do from social climbing to creating new monsters to fight alongside you. While you're in battle, you'll be using demons and their skills to beat enemies and buff your own team. Let's have a look at how to fuse them and what it means.

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How to fuse Demons in Soul Hackers 2

To fuse Demons in Soul Hackers, or any of the Megami Tensei games for that matter, you must unlock the appropriate location where it can be carried out.

After a few hours of the story in Soul Hackers 2, you'll unlock the Roppo Realm. Here lies the Cirque du Goumaden, a magnificent circus tent where the Soul Hacker's equivalent of Persona's Velvet Room lies, operated by Ringmaster Victor. This is where you can fuse demons, and summon them back to your party.

Cirque du Goumaden menu
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The process is as simple as choosing a first, and then a second Demon, and proceeding to fuse them together to make a new one.

Selecting the first choice of Demon from your current roster will give you the options for what you can make - you may not be high enough level to create all of the available fusions, but you can see what is available.

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The Cirque du Goumaden has three recommendations for which Demons to fuse on its home screen, giving you a hint as to which would be currently beneficial to your party.

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Once you've chosen your two victims, you can choose the skills that will carry over to the new Demon. Most skills that both chosen Demons have will be available, so you can cherrypick a great menu of healing, buff, and attack skills.

Cirque du Goumaden Demon fusion options
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All of the Demons that you have forged contracts with, or fused, can be found in the Compendium located on the main screen of the Cirque du Goumaden.

This is an encyclopedia containing information as to who the Demons are, their lore, and their strengths and weaknesses. It is also where the option to summon copies of them, for a fee, back to your team can be found.

What does fusing a Demon mean?

Fusion has been a part of every Megami Tensei, Persona, and Devil Summoner game since the series' beginning. It is a way to create new Demons from the ones you've collected, allowing the transfer of skills and personality. Some Demons are only available from fusion, and cannot be found in the game.

Bicorn demon in Soul Hackers 2
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Why should I fuse Demons?

Simply put, you need to be fusing Demons as you go through Soul Hackers 2. While the ones that you can sign contracts with inside dungeons are all well and good, they will be under-levelled and possess few skills.

Fusing Demons will make sure they're already at a good level, which likely matches or surpasses Ringo's current level, and they can inherit the skills from whichever 'ingredients' you choose. This can be crucial in getting Demons strong enough to win boss fights and clear dungeons.

For a little more on Souls Hackers 2, check out our full Soul Hackers 2 demons list. It goes hand-in-hand with this fusion guide, so it's worth keeping open in another tab.

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