How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest - How to earn trust and give weapons

Sons of the Forest Virginia

Sons of the Forest Virginia

Not sure how to approach the Sons of the Forest Virginia character? If you want to make Virginia a companion in the game, you need to befriend her first and earn her trust. Here is a quick guide to give weapons to Virginia in Sons of the Forest and retrieve them anytime.

Sons of the Forest is one of the biggest game launches of 2023 and sudden survival experts are having a blast in the co-op survival horror game. Endnight Games has included a number of NPCs in the game that you can befriend, and Virginia is likely the best of the lot in terms of practical uses.

For more Sons of the Forest guides, just click that link to go straight to our hub. Keep it open as you play for an easy in-game reference. For specifics, check out how to kill the shark, and how to get the keycards you'll need to complete the game. You'll need the rope gun first.

How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest - How to earn Virginia's trust

You'll run into Virginia very early in the game during your playthrough. She's typically seen in warm areas and will approach you if you are close to a campfire.

Unlike Kelvin, who cannot wield weapons, Virginia can wield a pistol and a shotgun, making her a great partner pick if you need an NPC to protect you from swarms of enemies. If you don't know how to equip Virginia with the right gear, keep reading. Some of the game's controls and interactions aren't as clear as they should be.

Sons of the Forest Virginia: How to earn her trust
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Easily distinguished by her abnormal number of limbs, she'll run ahead if you try to chase her. Though it looks like she's asking you to follow her, she's trying to tell you to stay back. Why? Because you have your weapons drawn. You're threatening.

Instead of chasing Virginia, you actually need to earn her trust. You can do this easily by sheathing your weapons. Just tap the G key to do this. After this, just stand around until she approaches you. Earn her trust and she'll eventually give you a gift and become a permanent companion for your playthrough.

How to give items and weapons to Virginia in Sons of the Forest

You can give items to Virginia in Sons of the Forest after she becomes a companion. Once you earn her trust, approach her and you should notice a button prompt.

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Hold E to open the interact menu and you will be able to scroll through a variety of options. Select the “Give to Me” menu to get started.

What to do with Virginia is Sons of the Forest

Virginia can hold a pistol and a shotgun at the same time, so consider giving her one of each and she will be able to hold her own against enemies during your playthrough.

Unlike Kelvin, Virginia cannot be commanded. She'll follow you around and stay near your base, but she'll largely react to what's going on rather than wait for your instruction. On the odd occasion, she'll also bring materials as gifts.

She can be very useful and guide you to caves and encampments. If you want to keep track of her movement, you can consider giving her a GPS tracker which will allow you to see her location on the map at all times.

What not to do with Virginia in Sons of the Forest

The companion does not enjoy colder climates. If you want to keep her around, stick to warmer areas of the game.

Remember: death is permanent in the game. If you, or anyone else, kill Virginia, don't expect to see her around again. Likewise, if you jumped the gun and shot her when she first appeared, you'll need to start your save over again if you want to play with her.

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