How to craft in Sons of the Forest - Basics and how to find materials

Sons of the Forest crafting

Sons of the Forest crafting

Knowing how to craft in Sons of the Forest is one of the most valuable things you can possibly learn. Given it is a tough survival game with heaps of enemies, you want to start building your base and crafting big blades and pointy sticks immediately. And if the UI isn't doing you any favours, here's a primer on how to craft everything you need to stay alive.

As there are a few major things you want to craft, we'll go over how to make items and weapons in your inventory, as well as the basics to create your own house and walls. This should serve as a starting guide for crafting on your first day in Sons of the Forest.

If you're looking for as much information on the game as you can possibly get, here are the best weapons in Sons of the Forest, how to find the Sons of the Forest rope gun and how to get the cross in Sons of the Forest. Finally, here's how to save in Sons of the Forest

How to craft in Sons of the Forest

Once you've foraged some basic materials like sticks, stones, and bones, it's tim to glue them together. Open your inventory with the 'I' key to put a kit on the ground and display your whole collection of goods.

You'll need to move the camera using the mouse to view everything, so tilt your view to the right to see things like sticks. You'll spot your tarp to your right.

Crafting set in Sons of the Forest
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How to craft items

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To craft items in Sons of the Forest, you have to grab your ingredients and put them in the middle and combine them. Rather than line up items in a specific order or just select things from a list, you need to stack the crafting blueprint's items into the middle area of the inventory screen.

Once you've placed something on the mat, a small cog should appear at the top right. Hover your mouse over it to see the recipes your selected items can be combined to craft, and which other items you could toss onto the mat to complete a craft.

How to build

Of course, you can't craft bigger creations like walls and doors on a fold-out bag. The inventory screen is good for crafting some of the details you'll put into a building, but not the building itself.

For structures, you'll want to grab items from your inventory, close the bag, and place them on the ground instead.

You can load up our Sons of the Forest blueprints page for a second screen reference, but you can bring up the in-game guide with the 'B' key on your keyboard. From here, grab the item out of your inventory that starts the craft you want and place it on the floor.

Following that, put down the other ingredients to finish it off. Rather than crafting them on your mat, you make them on the floor and that will be the foundation of your build. The in-game guide lists out the steps involved, with some complicated moments like using a knife to sharpen a stick, or using your axe to cut out holes in walls for things like doors and gates.

Now that you know how this works, you may be looking for what to do next. If so, here's how to get the shotgun in Sons of the Forest, how to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest, and how to get bones in Sons of the Forest. There's a lot to learn.

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