Where to find Security Guard's Cooler key in Dead Island 2

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The player character killing a zombie in Dead Island 2.
April 24, 2023: Struggling to find the Security Guard's Cooler key? Find its location and what it unlocks in our guide.

The Dead Island 2 Security Guard's Cooler key is one of several keys you can discover in Dead Island 2. You can unlock the locked containers in order to gain a reward that'll prove useful when roaming the streets of Hell-A.

Unlocking the Security’s Cooler will reward you with an exclusive weapon that you can use to battle against various zombie types. So if you're interested in finding where you can get Security’s Cooler key, then keep reading this Dead Island 2 guide.

Where is the Security Guard's Cooler key location in Dead Island 2?

Map showing the Security Guard's Cooler key location in Dead Island 2
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To get the Dead Island 2 Security’s Cooler key, you must defeat the Monarch Security zombie located in a nearby trailer near the back entryway of Studio 7 on Action Alley in Monarch Studios. To reach the trailer, you must pass through Studio 7 while completing the main storyline quest, Michael Anders and the Holy Grail.

After leaving the studio, turn right, continue walking forward, and enter the trailer next to the building. Monarch Security can be found crouching inside the trailer.

Dead Island 2 Security Guard's Cooler key location
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Monarch Security is a tough enemy in Dead Island 2, like other named zombies. However, you can surprise him by attacking from behind for some powerful hits. Once you defeat him, check his body to find the Security Cooler Key.

The Security Guard's Cooler in Dead Island 2
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Once you get your hands on the key, the Security Cooler can be found in a security hut to the left of the big locked gate at the entrance of Monarch Studios on Limelight Lane. You'll find a blue cooler inside the hut containing a new weapon.

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