How to destroy blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 remake

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Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 remake
March 28, 2023: Resident Evil 4 remake is out now, so it's time to track down those blue medallions!

If you plan on focusing on the new side quests in the game, you'll need to find the blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 remake. As part of the various extra activities you can complete while rescuing Ashley, the Merchant will task you with taking down pesky medallions dotted across the world.

In this guide, we'll explain where you can find the location of blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 remake. There are scores of them dotted around the map, so it's crucial you know where they're often lingering, and how you can track them down to complete side missions.

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A map of the island, showing blue medallions location in Resident Evil 4 remake.
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How to find blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 remake

Before you can go about finding blue medallions across the various areas of the Resident Evil 4 remake map, you'll need to track down the side mission prompt itself. These are white posters commonly dotted on walls or caverns in the world.

Once you've taken up the Merchant's offer of some side missions, it's time to actually hunt down blue medallions. Note that not all of the side missions in the game are tied to blue medallions: some focus on defeating new mini-bosses, while others need you to clear out rat infestations.

Most of the blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 remake can be found in the village section of the map, especially the farm and village square. That said, some of the later side missions on the island are also focused on blue medallions, so you'll always be looking for them.


Fortunately, once you've taken the side quest on, you can simply look at the map to see where blue medallions are located. These are marked with a specific blue medallion icon, showing exactly whereabouts you need to head.

Of course, it isn't always that easy, because Capcom has hidden these collectibles in nefarious spots. Some are hidden so that you can only seem them from certain vantage points, while others require you to clamber around to spot them from below or above eye level. Just knowing where they are is only half of the task - then it becomes a job of actually spotting them and shooting them down!

That's it for our look at how to find blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 remake! For more on the game check out our El Gigante boss guide, as well as the full Resident Evil 4 remake trophy list.

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