What is the best handgun in Resident Evil 4 remake?

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Leon holding a handgun in Resident Evil 4 remake.

Getting the best handgun in Resident Evil 4 remake is crucial to surviving long-term. Given the game can be pretty tough when you aren't prepared, you have to start researching immediately. Here's what we recommend you pick up.

Resident Evil 4 remake is a small departure from the original, with new paths, quests, and more. This makes the game more robust, but also means some knowledge is a little outdated. Luckily, it's easy to get up-to-date.

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What is the best pistol in Resident Evil 4 remake?

We recommend picking up the Red9 pistol early on due to its heavy firepower, reasonable ammo capacity, and price. Found in the lake in Chapter 4, you simply have to beat El Lago and use your boat to get to the middle of the lake, where you will find a shipwreck.

Though it has heavy recoil, it has enough power to justify it, especially once you've upgraded it at the Merchant. The Red9 is pretty great for saving your ammo and will carry you through most of the game's hardest fights.


Once you get to Chapter 7, we recommend picking up the Blacktail. You can buy this in the shop in the castle for 24,000 Pesetas. It has huge stopping power, boasts an impressive fire rate, and won't take up too much room in your inventory. You can use this to power you through to the finale of the game.

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