How to customise weapons in Redfall

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The player character reloading a weapon in Redfall.
Credit: YouTube Fire Mountain

Here you will find out how to customise weapons in Redfall. The newly released game Redfall is all about killing vampires, so you will be using your weapons a lot. So while you are at it, why not do so in style?

In this guide, we'll break down exactly how to customise your weapons in Redfall. We'll detail the instructions for adding augments to your weapon, as well as how to unlock new variants to keep the new cosmetics coming.

How to apply weapon customisation in Redfall

Redfall: Multiple weapons
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There are two ways to customise your weapon in Redfall: stakes and skins. Stakes are blades that you can attach to your weapons and kill vampires with. It is crucial to have at least one stake weapon in your arsenal, as you need them for finishing off vampires. The stake you choose will modify the weapon's look and also the finisher's animation. The other way to customise will change the colour and paint job of your weapon.

Applying customisation to weapons is really easy in Redfall. All you have to do is described below:

  • Open the weapon load-out menu.
  • Select the weapon you want to customise.
  • Press R on PC or X on Xbox.
  • Choose a stake and/or skin for your weapon.

Not all weapons have the option to attach stakes to them. An example is pistols, due to their small size. Weapons that do not have the option to add stakes will have a red lock over the stake column.

How do I unlock new skins and stakes in Redfall?

You will unlock many customisations as you progress through the game, completing the main storyline and side quests. The skins in Redfall range from ones that will make you feel like a badass to those which are a bit on the silly side, so you can kill vampires in any kind of fashion you desire.


Does it matter which skins and stakes I use in Redfall?

No, all the weapon customisations in Redfall are purely cosmetic and do not have an impact on the performance of your weapon, except for looking cool.

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