What level does Quaxly evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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Quaxly in official art by the Pokemon Company

If you picked Quaxly as your starter, you're probably wondering when does Quaxly evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Given its evolutions weren't even officially revealed before the release of the game, you might not even know that it does. Following on from 25 years of tradition, though, it does. Here's when (and what) Quaxly evolves into.

Every generation of Pokémon has three starters: a Water-type, a Fire-type, and a Grass-type. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are no different, and we've known about the three new starters for a while now. They've been shown off in trailers and pictures, and now we're seeing leaks as to their evolutions and what moves they have for us to use in battle.

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What level does Quaxly evolve in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

It has now been confirmed by those that have received the games early that Quaxly will evolve into Quaxwell at level 16, and then evolve again into Quaquaval, its final evolution, at levels 34, 35, or 36.

The three starters, Quaxly included, don't tend to have specific criteria or items that they need to meet to evolve, except for reaching higher levels. As Pokémon Scarlet and Violet aren't out yet, we can only assume what levels Quaxly and its later evolutions will evolve.

Quaxly and a Pokemon trainer in Scarlet and Violet
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What does Quaxly evolve into?


Quaxly, unlike its evolutions, has been officially introduced to us by Game Freak. The water starter of the Paldea region is the Duckling Pokémon, and as such, closely resembles a white duck with blue feet, a yellow bill, and white feathers. Quaxly has a sort of 'coiffure' of feathers, in the shape of a hat.

This new Water-type has the Torrent ability, which increases the power of Water-type moves by 50% when health is a third or below its maximum. For a starter Pokémon, this is a great move to have when in a pinch.


Not much is known about the middle evolution of the Quaxly line, other than its supposed name. As most other middle evolutions do, it looks like a mix of the two Pokémon on either side of it. There, so far, aren't any leaks of gameplay featuring Quaxwell, or even clear photos of what the Pokémon looks like.


Quaquaval has been shown off in many leaks at this point, so it is safe to assume it is real and is featured in the game. The third evolution is bipedal and has a pronounced tail feather design.


Here is a Reddit post showing what Quaquaval looks like if you want to have a sneak peek before the game comes out:

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