Does Greavard evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? - How to get Houndstone

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picture of Greavard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Want to learn how to evolve Greavard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? As you're making your way through the new games, you're more than likely going to run into this adorable trusty companion. If Ghost-types are your thing, and you catch a Greavard, you'll want to know how to evolve it. Does it even evolve? Well, read on and we'll answer those questions!

Greavard is another new Pokemon coming in Scarlet and Violet, and was one of the first new creatures to be shown off in marketing material. Greavard is a Ghost-type Pokemon that is said to be the most loyal dog Pokemon. Unlucky, Poochyena!

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Does Greavard evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

If you're wondering whether Greavard evolves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, then then answer to that is yes. It has one evolution, and still retains its Ghost typing. If you actively seek out Ghost-types like Gengar and Drifblim, then you're definitely going to be wanting Greavard and its evolution.

According to pre-release Scarlet and Violet leaks, we also have the name of Greavard's evolution: Houndstone. It's all white, and looks like more bones and long hair than an actual dog. The candle on the top of Greavard's head changes to a tombstone as well. Spooky.

When does Greavard evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Thanks to leaks, we already know exactly how to evolve Greavard into Houndstone. All you need to do is get it up to level 30 at night time in the in-game clock. The next time past level 30 that it reaches a new rank, it'll evolve - provided it's still night, of course.


As such, it's quite an easy evolution method that shouldn't be a problem for dedicated trainers trying to rank up their Greavard fast!

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