PGA Tour 2K23 crossplay - Can you play crossplatform?

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Image of Tiger Woods in PGA Tour 2K23.

Another year means another entry in the long-running PGA Tour golf series. But with next-gen consoles more available than ever, players are wondering about PGA Tour 2K23 crossplay. It's almost a necessity in an era where friends can play games like Fortnite across platforms, so does it appear in this game?

In this PGA Tour 2K23 guide, we'll break down whether the game has crossplay or not. That's on top of looking at which platforms may or may not be supported, based on the systems on which the game is set to release.

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Does PGA Tour 2K23 have crossplay?

As of right now, it's unclear whether PGA Tour 2K23 will have crossplay or not.

The game's official website makes no mention of cross-platform multiplayer, and none of the promotional material so far has made mention of the feature. Based on that, the official line from 2K Games is likely that crossplay won't appear.

Given the franchise's history in terms of crossplay, this doesn't come as too much of a surprise. The previous entry in the series, PGA Tour 2K21, also lacked crossplay. As such, it seems like the dev hasn't added the feature in this time around.

Therefore, if you're playing PGA Tour 2K23, you'll have to hope your friends also have it on the same console. This seems to also be the case for cross-generation gameplay. In that case, for example, PS4 players won't be able to play with PS5 players.

However, the silver lining is that PGA Tour 2K23 does contain cross-generation progression. This means that if you start off on Xbox One, for example, and then upgrade to an Xbox Series X|S, you'll be able to transfer your save data over. It doesn't make up for a lack of crossplay, but those tempted to move to the next generation will be pleased nonetheless.

Image of a golfer swinging the club in PGA Tour 2K23.
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Which platforms is PGA Tour 2K23 available on?

While it doesn't seem like you'll be able to play with friends online on different consoles, it's still handy to know which platforms PGA Tour 2K23 is set to release on. That way you can coordinate with friends, deciding which system you and your group want to get the game on.


PGA Tour 2K23 will release on October 14 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. This is no surprise as the most popular consoles are still there, alongside the aforementioned cross-generation capabilities.

That's it for our look at whether PGA Tour 2K23 has crossplay or not. While it's looking like bad news, there's always hope that future entries in the franchise will change the status quo. To help soften the blow, feel free to grab the latest NBA 2K23 Locker codes for a few freebies!

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