When do weekly challenges reset in Party Animals?

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Three animal characters fighting in Party Animals.

In the chaotic world of Party Animals, it's important to battle in style. Luckily, there's a wide variety of cosmetics for players to unlock with the game's Cookie currency. The best way to get Cookies is by completing the Party Animals weekly challenges that are reset regularly.

These fun challenges are replaced with new ones every week, keeping the game fresh for fans of its chaotic brawls. Weekly challenges are a staple of modern games, but with every game seeming to choose a different day and time to reset, it's easy to lose track. This guide reveals the exact day and time that challenges are reset in the major time zones so players can jump back in when there's new challenges to complete.

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Party Animals characters climbing a rocket as it flies away from a submarine
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Credit: Party Animals on Steam
Challenges can range from knockouts to finishing games with friends.

When do weekly challenges reset in Party Animals?

Party Animals' weekly challenges reset every Sunday, at the following times:

  • PST - 08:00
  • CT - 10:00
  • EST - 11:00
  • GMT - 15:00
  • CET - 17:00

Completing weekly challenges will reward players with either Cookies or a bunch of experience points. This can be checked by hovering over the challenge in the 'quick match' screen.

Cookies are useful for purchasing cosmetic items without spending any real-world money, so it's worth completing these challenges to expand your collection of outfits.


The big chunks of experience are useful, too, as levelling up rewards players with Nemo Bucks to buy premium cosmetics with. These would otherwise need to be bought with real money, so it's great that the developers have provided a way to get them for free through gameplay.

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