Overwatch 2 error codes - how to fix LC-208, BC-153, and more

Overwatch 2 error codes explained

Overwatch 2 error codes explained
December 05, 2023: We have updated this piece with a handful of common Overwatch 2 error codes, to try and work out how to fix them too.

Overwatch 2 Season 8 has officially launched. However, many users attempting to access the game are facing various Overwatch 2 error codes and server errors. Most of them aren't being caused by user error, so there's not much you can do to stop them just yet. With hundreds of thousands of people navigating issues to give the game a go, there's a lot of info out there to comb through.

In this, we go over the LC-208 error, BC-153 error, game server connection error, 502 bad gateway fix and a handful of other problems, alongside what you may need to know to fix them.

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How to fix the Overwatch 2 error LC-208

Overwatch 2 Error LC-208 signifies that the player has disconnected from the server. This is generally associated with two major problems: you have disconnected due to your internet blipping or cutting out, or the game servers had a similar issue and lost your connection.

Beyond double-checking to ensure it wasn't a fault of your internet connection or provider (which would be terribly timing), there's not much else to do beyond jumping back in the queue or waiting for the servers to settle down first.

Overwatch 2 error codes explained
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How to fix the Overwatch 2 error BC-153

It seems like this error code is currently more common with players on PlayStation. This could be a hangup from the move from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2, but nothing is confirmed just yet.

As it was such a big jump for the game, these kinds of errors make sense. There are a handful of issues with players missing Overwatch 2 skins and loot boxes too. As you might expect, you may just have to wait this one out.

Overwatch 2 unexpected error occurred - cause and fix

Being one of the most common errors but also the vaguest, it's pretty hard to troubleshoot the "unexpected error occurred" problem.

Check your account and connection first. If this does nothing, close the game and open it up again. This should solve most problems that aren't server-based.

Overwatch 2 game server connection failed - cause and fix

This error isn't on your end. The servers are struggling a lot right now and will continue to struggle for some time. On launch nights, people were reporting queues of more than 30k people.

Though disconnecting and connecting could help, this is one you may just have to wait out.

Overwatch 2 "There are 0 players ahead of you" fix

This error is one of the most unlucky out there. After waiting in queue for a while, you may not be let into games anyway.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to fix it. You can continue to wait, hoping it will fix itself, or just disconnect your game and come back later.

Like the other issues, we may just have to wait until Blizzard has fixed it.

Overwatch 2 502 bad gateway fix

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This error code is likely an extension of the DDoS attack plaguing the game right now. These attacks are damaging the server and sending the game offline. This error code is a more permanent one and a sign you should probably just leave it and come back later.

Unfortunately, with it being such a big launch, you may be left waiting a while until the servers fully fix themselves.

Sorry unable to log you in

As well as having issues with the servers, some users are reporting issues with their accounts. Merging is taking a while and some data is being lost.

You can try and sign yourself out and back in to resolve this, though it may need to be fixed internally.

Overwatch 2 queue not moving

The queue is being reported to have tonnes of problems right now. Some players are being trapped in the queue, others can't even get in.

If your queue does not move, you can try to exit it and come back. Though this may seem counterintuitive, some have reported this working.

Overwatch 2 different version error

There are some problems moving the game from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2. Check your files are downloaded properly and try restarting the game if this doesn't work.

If not, leave it a while and come back.

How to skip the Overwatch 2 queue

Though your mileage will very well vary here, streamer Sunshinebread has figured out how to skip the queue in Overwatch 2 on PC.

Through the Blizzard launcher, you're able to click a little globe icon near the play button to select a region. By choosing Asia, launching the game, hitting the cancel button, and logging in again (without closing it), they started the queue at only 1000 players and apparently logged into the US server anyway.

They didn't share their queue position beforehand, but after testing this ourselves, we were able to quickly move from a 20k-strong queue to a 9k-strong queue in a couple of clicks. It's worth a shot if you're in a rush.

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