How to use the Egg Sequencer in No Man's Sky

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Character on planet in No Man's Sky
Credit: Hello Games

There are several features and systems in No Man's Sky that can be quite complicated for both new and veteran players. These systems are explained in-game, but even after that, players might still have some questions about how they work. One of the more complicated additions to No Man's Sky is the Egg Sequencer, which has been giving players trouble since the moment it arrived in the galaxy.

If you don't already know how to use the Egg Sequencer in No Man's Sky - don't worry, our guide below will explain exactly how to use it.

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How to use the Egg Sequencer in No Man’s Sky

The Egg Sequencer in No Man’s Sky
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Credit: YouTube No Man's Sky Resources

In No Man’s Sky, you can tame various creatures which can produce eggs if you put them in their natural environments. These eggs can be used to hatch more pets - using the Egg Sequencer, you can also change the appearance of these soon-to-be hatched pets.

In order to make the Egg Sequencer work, you will need to get an egg and put it in this machine. After that, you will have to use certain ingredients to modify the egg thus making a unique pet.

All Egg Sequencer modifications in No Man’s Sky

When using the Egg Sequencer, there are four slots in which you can put various ingredients. Each slot is dedicated to a specific modification.

Here is a list of all modifications you can get with the help of the Egg Sequencer in No Man’s Sky:

  • Growth Hormone – Affects the size and weight of your creature.
  • Gene Splitter - Affects the creature’s anatomy.
  • Dye Injector – Affects the creature’s colour.
  • Neural Calibrator – Affects the creature’s behaviour and special traits.

All of these modifications can change, increase, and reduce certain parameters and traits of your future pet. These changes are based on the ingredients you use.

In order to find eggs to use in the sequencer, you will have to first make an animal your companion. To do that, simply feed the animal and you will get a prompt to register it as a companion. Then, you will see a 24-hour countdown appear that lets you know when that animal will hatch an egg. If you don't see the countdown, you need to grow the relationship between you and the animal first.

How to find the Egg Sequencer in No Man’s Sky

The Egg Sequencer is easy to find. You just need to go to the Space Anomaly, which is a huge space station that you unlock around five hours into the main storyline of No Man's Sky. There you can access many interesting things, including the Egg Sequencer. Go to the back right section of the Space Anomaly and you should be able to find the Egg Sequencer pretty quickly.


You can approach and interact with the Egg Sequencer with your eggs to create new pets or check on the process of the creation of your pets.

Hopefully, this guide has helped explain the basics of the Egg Sequencer and how to take full advantage of it in No Man's Sky. Take the eggs of your favourite pets and experiment with them to get some really interesting companions!

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