Where to find Crystallized Heart in No Man's Sky

The character is on a space station in No Man's Sky.

The character is on a space station in No Man's Sky.

Numerous star explorers are wondering where to find Crystallized Heart in No Man’s Sky. This resource is very important if you want to use new multi-tools, and today we are going to explain to you how to find it.

Crystallized Hearts were added in one of the recent updates, and they can be quite problematic to find. Also, you should prepare your weapons, as you will need to fight some tough creatures if you want to get those hearts.

How to find Crystallized Hearts in No Man’s Sky

Crystalized Heart in No Man's Sky
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Crystallized Hearts are a resource that will help you maintain your multi-tools, and it’s very important to know how to get them.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult if you have a powerful weapon. In order to get Crystallized Hearts in No Man’s Sky, you will need to defeat the following enemies:

  • Medium Arachnid Corrupted Sentinels
  • Large Arachnid Corrupted Sentinels

Crystallized Hearts drop from these Sentinels, who are not so easy to beat. This is the reason why we recommend that you bring a good weapon. Also, you will need to learn how to find these creatures, but we'll help you with this.

How to find Corrupted Sentinels in No Man’s Sky

Corrupted Sentinels are new enemies that can be found on Corrupted Planets. They are quite rare, but fortunately there are a few methods to locate them.

The first method is to simply search for Dissonant systems. There you can find planets that have the Corrupted Sentinels status. This means that you will encounter various Corrupted Sentinels there.

The second way to find such a planet is to defeat a Sentinel Dreadnought. There is a new Dreadnought AI Fragment that can help you get to Corrupted Planets.

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