NBA 2K23 ratings - Best players, top 100 reveal, and more

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Image of Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23.
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Want to learn all of the NBA 2K23 ratings? The latest entry in the annual basketball series is out very soon, and MyTEAM players are eager to know where their favourite players rank. Fortunately, 2K Games has already shared the ratings for a bunch of top performers, so you can find out all about them now.

In this NBA 2K23 guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about player ratings. That includes details on when the top 100 ratings reveal event is due to take place, as well as a breakdown of some of the top cards already confirmed for the game.


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When is the NBA 2K23 ratings top 100 reveal?

Fortunately, the NBA 2K23 ratings have already been revealed. On September 6, 2K Games began drip-feeding fans with gradual reveals, going player by player and through various categories. We've already seen a couple of players announce their ratings on social media, and the chances are the rate of those announcements will only increase. Many ratings have already been confirmed anyway, so the information is out there.


Since the game releases on September 8, 2022, the next few days should be rife with NBA 2K23 ratings reveals. Keep your eyes on your favourite player's social media profiles to see where they stand in the latest NBA 2K entry.

Who will be the best players in NBA 2K23?

So far, we have quite a few confirmed player ratings in NBA 2K23 - and the chances are they'll be some of the highest in the whole game.

The two most significant are LeBron James with a 96 overall score, and Devin Booker with 91. It's no surprise to see these two basketball giants hit the 90s with their score, and it also allows us to predict a few other player ratings for similarly illustrious players. Since Devin Booker is the cover star this year, it makes sense that his score is that impressive.


With that in mind, check out the table below for a look at the 30 highest rated players in NBA 2K23, with their official ratings to boot. It'll ensure you know exactly who to choose once the game launches!

Player name NBA 2K23 OVR rating
Giannis Antetokounmpo97
LeBron James96
Kevin Durant96
Joel Embiid96
Stephen Curry96
Nikola Jokic96
Luka Doncic95
Kawhi Leonard94
Jayson Tatum93
Ja Morant93
Jimmy Butler93
Devin Booke91
Anthony Davis90
Trae Young90
James Harden89
Damian Lillard89
Kyrie Irving89
DeMar Derozan89
Karl-Anthony Towns89
Donovan Mitchell89
Paul George88
Zach LaVine88
Rudy Gobert88
Zion Williamson87
LaMelo Ball87
Jaylen Brown87
Bam Adebayo87
Darius Garland87
Anthony Edwards86
Khris Middleton86

Evidently there are a lot of top-rated players, even if nobody can surpass the 97 rating of Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, once we find out the rating of legend cards such as Michael Jordan, that could all change.


One thing that makes the NBA 2K series different to other sports games is that players can land an incredible 100 rating. It's only happened once before, with Shaquille O'Neal getting it in NBA 2K2. Given we've got a 97 rating already, any dynamic cards in the future could creep towards the legendary 100 mark. We'll have to wait and see.

That's it for our look at NBA 2K23 player ratings! If you want to read up even more on the game, check out whether it has crossplay, as well as whether there's a demo this year or not.