Is Bakugo dead in My Hero Academia?

Bakugo in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime of the last few years. This is not surprising since the author of the original manga, Kohei Horikoshi, knows a lot about exciting shounen. While in the anime the heroes fight Gigantomachia, in the manga the final battle unfolds, in which more than one hero will die. Many fans are wondering if Bakugo is dead in My Hero Academia.

If you only watch the anime, we must warn you that this article contains many spoilers about the final battle between the heroes and villains. However, manga readers are also interested in Bakugo's death. Therefore, make yourself comfortable, and we will tell you everything that is known about the death and possible resurrection of Bakugo in My Hero Academia.

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Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

In chapter 343 of the My Hero Academia manga, the climactic battle between One for All and the heroes begins. The most dangerous opponent, of course, is Tomura Shigaraki, who can destroy an entire city with one touch. Therefore, according to UA's plan, the heroes create a special floating-in-the-air arena to catch and weaken Shigaraki.

However, before that, it was necessary to divide all the villains and heroes into different locations. Bakugo, Midoriya, UA's Big Three, plus a few pro heroes, were supposed to get into the arena with Shigaraki. However, due to Toga's interference, Midoriya ended up in a different location, and the remaining heroes with Shigaraki found themselves in a very dangerous situation. Defeating Shigaraki, who uses various quirks and is mind-controlled by One for All, is impossible without All for One.

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But the heroes of UA did not give up and try to hold back the dangerous enemy with all their might. He wants to destroy them, especially Bakugo, as he is a dear friend to Midoriya. Unfortunately, Shigaraki manages to do this by making a hole in Bakugo's chest and destroying his heart. Therefore, Bakugo died a brutal death.

Bakugo's death in My Hero Academia.
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Is Bakugo really dead in My Hero Academia?

Well, Bakugo's heart was destroyed in chapter 362 of the manga. As of chapter 375, he is still dead. However, if everything was so simple with Bakugo's death, that would be the end of it.

Kohei Horikoshi decided to save this character by inventing a new ability for one of the heroes. Edgeshot, whose Quirk is called Foldabody, can make his body very thin and long. At a critical moment, he decides to shrink down to the size of a surgical thread to sew the remains of Bakugo's heart together. Best Jeanist helps him with this.

Of course, many fans had a lot of questions about this, since before that, nowhere was it said that at least one of these heroes had the necessary medical knowledge to resurrect someone. But this is a manga about heroes who overstep their limits, so maybe they will succeed. It remains to be seen!

So, at the time of writing this article, we can say with certainty that Bakugo in My Hero Academia is still dead. However, we believe that in subsequent chapters, Bakugo will come to life again. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best anime on Netflix.

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