MultiVersus - How to Taunt

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Image of Bugs Bunny and Batman shaking hands in MultiVersus

Want to learn how to taunt in MultiVersus? The new fighting game lets you play as a range of hit Warner Bros. characters, ranging from Batman to Arya Stark. If you want to wind up opponents by mocking them before a bout, then it's taunting that you'll want to do. Luckily, we've got the lowdown on exactly how you do it.

In this MultiVersus guide, we'll explain how to taunt. You'll be glad to learn that it's very easy to do, even if it doesn't have any tangible stat boost or gameplay perk. Nonetheless, if you've ever felt like getting under your enemy's skin before a tense match, this is what you need to do.


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How Do I Taunt in MultiVersus?

Taunting in MultiVersus is very simple. All you need to do is equip a taunt from the pre-match character customisation menu and then dive into a match. From there, press the corresponding button on the D-pad and your character will perform the taunt.

Taunting in MultiVersus is a really easy mechanic to pick up. Most characters, once purchased or otherwise unlocked, come with one taunt already unlocked. On your profile it'll also show you which of the four D-pad commands it is currently bound to. Then all you need to do is press that button during a match to pull off the trick.

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However, performing a taunt doesn't actually come with any tangible benefit. Unlike other moves such as eating a sandwich as Shaggy, all it does is flex your muscles to rival players. It's a good way to rile an opponent, or show off a rare taunt that many others may not have.

Aside from that though, taunting in MultiVersus could well knock you off your stride. Fighting games are all about chaining together moves and performing fluid combos to give your opponents no chance to fight back. If you're dithering around taunting your rivals, you could well miss that opportunity.

Ultimately, while you may not gain much from taunting in MultiVersus, it's a quirky little trick to have up your sleeve. If you win a tough round and want to gloat, there's nothing better to do than have Batman stick his tongue out. While you're here, feel free to also check out our MultiVersus tier list for our ranking of each licensed fighter so far.