Multiversus - Can You Change Lobby Character?

multiversus, change lobby character

multiversus, change lobby character
July 27, 2022: Servers are struggling with such a big launch. They should recover over time.

Ever wanted to see how Batman fares against the Looney Tunes? Well, now you can. Warner Bros. brawler Multiversus is out in its beta phase now, and has many cool characters to play as. Something players are asking is can you change lobby character in Multiversus?

As the game is not fully released, there are likely to be some hiccups and unavailable features. For instance, changing who you appear as on the lobby screen.

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Can You Change Lobby Character In Multiversus?

While on the lobby screen in Multiversus, you will appear as an idling character. Interacting with them will let you hear their tagline.

Players have noticed that they are all appearing as the same character, despite who they have chosen to play as: Wonder Woman. Players have not been able to change who they appear as for now, and it would seem that the function is not available in the game.

multiversus, change lobby character
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Remember that the game is in its beta phase, so feedback is welcomed and changes are very likely to occur.

Will I Be Able To Change Lobby Character In The Future?

It is likely that in future updates to the game, perhaps when it releases in full, players will be able to change the character they appear as in the lobby.

As soon as the developers comment on this or it becomes a feature, we'll be sure to update you.

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