How to invite friends in Mortal Kombat 1

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Two Mortal Kombat characters in discussion with one another.
Credit: Mortal Kombat 1
September 20, 2023: Beat up your mates in MK1, the game is live and kicking right now!

NetherRealm Studios is back with another deliciously violent instalment of its flagship franchise, with Mortal Kombat 1 hitting shelves across the globe. With it comes a new platform for you to establish yourself as the alpha of your social circle. Read on to find out how to invite friends to Mortal Kombat 1 and show them how you really feel about them... by repeatedly murdering them in the most creatively gruesome ways possible.

Despite its misleading title, Mortal Kombat 1 is, in fact, the 12th instalment of the famous fighting franchise, and continues on from the time-turning events of its predecessor, Mortal Kombat 11. With the Sun God Liu Kang taking matters into his own hands, we fans can only ride the wave of anticipation as we find out what the next chapter of the saga has in store.

Before we dig in, we've got plenty of Mortal Kombat 1 content for you, so feel free to get those extra tabs open for all the reading you'll need on the game. We'll let you know if you can turn off blood and gore in the game, as well as cover the fundamentals of gameplay, such as how to perform a block. Alongside our Mortal Kombat 1 tier list, we've got all the tips you'll need.

The Versus menu of Mortal Kombat where you can invite friends
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Credit: Mortal Kombat 1
Test Your Friendship!

How to invite friends in Mortal Kombat 1

In order to invite friends to join you in Mortal Kombat 1, you'll need to visit the Private menu, which can be found in the Versus menu on the main screen. From there, you'll have a couple of game options to choose from. You can decide on whether to go local or online against friends, then decide on a head-to-head in Versus mode or an alternative, like King of the Hill.

Once you select the game mode, the next window will pop up that allows you to invite your friends. This part will differ according to which platform you are playing on, but you'll need to simply follow the prompts, find the profile of your victim - I mean, friend - and invite them to join you. Easy as that, now go virtually bully them.

If you find yourself in a dispute with a mate that is reaching its boiling point, then Mortal Kombat 1 will be the best way to settle your differences. Despite its gory nature, it's scientifically proven to keep relationships intact at a higher percentage than Monopoly (alright, that's just a guess, but we daresay an accurate one). Thankfully, there is a quick and easy way for players to invite their friends to private matches and establish who is the king of Kombat.

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