Moonbreaker pay to win - Is Moonbreaker p2w?

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Is Moonbreaker pay to win?

Now that it's out in early access, many are asking "Is Moonbreaker pay to win?" Being an important question before you decide to buy the early access game, there's quite a lot you should know. Here's what we know from an early access look and what it may tell us about the game's future.

As well as this, we'll go over how the Moonbreaker's currencies work, how to unlock all of the game's figures, and whether or not it will go free to play in the future. Needless to say, this launch is quite important for the game. There's so much to figure out now that it is out.


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Is Moonbreaker pay to win?

Moonbreaker does have microtransactions, but we don't consider them to constitute a pay to win model. Perhaps the first few games have a degree of this, but you can unlock everything quite quickly from your purchase of the game.

If you buy the deluxe edition, you get access to some free captains, packs and currency. This will speed up the process. Though you have to jump through a couple of hoops in-game to claim one, once this has been done, anything else unlocked through booster packs will give you currency or upgrade the rarity of your units.


These upgrades only give aesthetic differences, and duplicates award currencies you can use to buy anything you're missing.

Is Moonbreaker pay to win?

How to unlock everything in Moonbreaker

If you are looking to unlock everything, you can find challenges on the main menu, guaranteeing you some blanks.


You can then spend 100 blanks for a booster pack. These packs give you three drops. If you happen to get duplicates, you are given a new currency that can unlock new units or upgrade current ones.

Is Moonbreaker pay to win?

Play the tutorial, complete challenges to open packs, and continue to spend the free currency on new units. You should be able to unlock absolutely everything in under an hour of playing.

Because of this interesting method, anyone who's already bought the premium game will be able to gather up the exact same units without paying a penny extra. After that, it's all about finding the right strategy, so there's no Moonbreaker P2W aspect baked in at this moment.


Will Moonbreaker go free to play?

In a conversation with Loadout, Charlie Cleveland, the game director, revealed that, though there aren't any plans to do so, they could always pivot to a free to play model. They said:

“We’re thinking ahead and we’ve got currencies in-game [already] – and we’ll give you a boatload of that stuff when you buy it. We’re not sure when or if we’re going to transition, we just know that we want to be able to if we need to because we don’t want to give up on the game"

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