Modern Warfare 3 campaign ending explained

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A covert mission team engaged with melee combat in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

If you’re a video game player looking for a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 campaign ending explainer, then sit back and relax. We’ve got all the juicy information regarding the conclusion of this popular first-person shooter title.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a Sledgehammer Games development that was recently published by Activision in early November. In this guide, we’ll be effectively explaining how events unfolded as the campaign came to an end, highlighting a notable character death as well as a post-credits scene that should capture your attention.

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For now, let’s cover the topic at hand. However, proceed with caution as the next part of this post contains spoiler-filled content that includes major plot points, character developments, and unexpected events that may significantly impact your gaming experience.

A close up of Simon "Ghost" Riley on mission duty in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
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Credit: Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 3 campaign ending explained

Traditionally, the end of a Call of Duty campaign is a game-defining experience, in the sense that the concluding moments of action tend to “rubber stamp” how good the campaign is as a whole. Modern Warfare 3’s ending is fairly underwhelming when you compare it to previous campaigns in the series, but it does feature a few eye-openers.

You’ll see the main Russian antagonist – Vladimir Makarov – break out of prison and go on a rampage of havoc in an attempt to ignite a war between his country and the United States. He starts his violent spree by attempting to destroy the Channel Tunnel by setting several bombs in strategic tunnel locations, which would trap thousands of people underground.

But the valiant Captain Price and the rest of Task Force 141 turn up to thwart his terrorist efforts. As Captain Price and Soap rush to defuse the bombs, they’re unexpectedly ambushed by Makarov, which results in the latter being shot and killed at close range. Makarov also attempts to kill Captain Price but isn’t as successful, as Ghost manages to save Price right in the nick of time.

Controlling Captain Price, you then give chase to Makarov who hastily flees the scene, as Ghost and Gaz get to work in the background and manage to defuse the bomb threat successfully. But unfortunately, Makarov manages to escape. This turn of events then leaves you and the rest of the team to look solemnly over Soap’s lifeless body.

In the final cut scene, we witness a pretty sad end as Kate Laswell types up a confidential report on the final mission which officially documents the death of Soap. After that, the camera cuts over to another scene where Price, Gaz and Ghost have gathered on a cliffside. The trio then say a few words in remembrance of their fallen brother who died in battle, before spreading his ashes.

Beyond that, we see an interesting post-credits scene that shows Captain Price killing General Herschel Shepherd. This was after the secondary antagonist attempted to kill members of Task Force 141 in the previous game and lied about it in court to protect himself.

So, there you have it! In retrospect, this campaign ending won’t sweep you off your feet, but it does a decent job of wrapping up various arcs.

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