Modern Warfare 2 update size - how big is Season One Reloaded?

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Modern Warfare 2 players climing dark staircase
Credit: Activision

The Modern Warfare 2 update size is a topic that always catches the attention of players when Infinity Ward prepares to launch a new batch of content and adjustments to its game. The latest update on its way is Season One Reloaded and although it contains less content than the launch of the season, there's still plenty for you to get excited about.

The mid-season update contains the Chimera assault rifle, the Klaus Operator and the first Call of Duty Raid where you can get your hands on the Gaz Operator too.


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How big is the Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded update?

Although there's no information from Activision or Infinity Ward, PlayStation players are starting to download the update before the developer applies all of the new content. For PlayStation, the Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded update size is 11.2GB which is great news if you're struggling for hard drive space.

As it's a small update, there's plenty of time to download it before dropping into the action.


For PC and Xbox users, the update is around 14GB in size.

Modern Warfare 2 players fighting in El Asilo
Credit: Activision

How to download the Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded update fast

There are a few ways you can download the Season One Reloaded update quickly. The first is placing your console in rest mode. This stops all applications from running which speeds up any downloads taking place in the background.


Up next is hooking your PC or console up to your router with an ethernet cable. There are various items that can interfere with a WiFi signal so having a wired connection prevents anything from interrupting the Season One Reloaded download.

Can you preload the Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded update?

With the update launching on December 14, there are no signs of any preloading taking place. It's only a small update so there's no real need to have any additional time to download it onto your platform of choice.


When is Modern Warfare 2 Season One Reloaded?

Season One Reloaded for Modern Warfare 2 begins on December 14 and finishes at the end of January. The second half of the season is the last chance to complete any remaining battle pass sectors you've not completed yet.

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