Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo - how to unlock and challenges

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picture of the Orion camo in modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo is one of the four mastery camos available to unlock in the latest Call of Duty title. Very similar to the Polyatmoic camo, the Orion camo gives your guns a psychedelic look that is pretty reminiscent of the Vanguard Atomic camo.

Since this is a mastery camo, it takes quite a while to unlock this camo. It's a grind that takes place over many hours and matches, and also involves specific challenges once you've met the prerequisites to unlock the camo.

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How to unlock Modern Warfare 2 orion camo

In order to get the orion camo, it's quite the process. You'll first need to unlock the gold camo for all of the weapons in the game, followed by the platinum camo for all weapons, and finally completing the polyatomic camo challenges for all weapon classes.

The orion challenges require you to have the polyatomic camo equipped for the guns that you're going to use to complete the challenges. But once you've completed these challenges, you'll have the pinnacle of Modern Warfare 2 camos, the Orion camo.

How to apply Modern Warfare 2 orion camo

Once you've completed the intense grind to unlock Orion, you'll want to flex a bit and put it on your guns. To do so, head into the customization menu in the gunsmith. Head over to the Weapon mastery tab, where you'll see all of the camos that you've unlocked for that gun. Then you'll be able to select and apply the Orion camo.

Do you need max rank to earn Modern Warfare 2 orion camo?

You don't need to be level 55 in order to grind for the orion camo in Modern Warfare 2. You can start this grind from the very beginning. That being said you'll most likely get to max level just by grinding this camo out, and you'll also probably unlock all the attachments for the guns as you go through as well.


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