Modern Warfare 2 mastery camo - How to unlock in multiplayer

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Image showing Modern Warfare damascus mastery camo
Credit: Activision
January 24, 2023: Ahead of Season Two, we've checked our intel so you know everything about the MW2 mastery camos available to earn.

The Modern Warfare 2 mastery camo is an achievement several players strive to obtain during the cycle of a Call of Duty title. The unique designs require plenty of time to earn but there's no better feeling than seeing your brand-new camo equipped onto your preferred weapon.

Season One Reloaded for MW2 is well underway and many are unlocking a selection of coveted camos to earn by completing weapon challenges covering the entirety of the arsenal.

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Does Modern Warfare 2 have mastery camos?

Yes! There are four mastery camos to unlock in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

Just like previous titles, challenge requirements will involve the entire weapon arsenal meaning you have to use everything ranging from the most powerful sniper rifle to a pistol that struggles to deal any kind of damage.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 M16 with camo
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Credit: Activision

How to unlock Modern Warfare 2 mastery camo

There are four mastery camos to unlock in Modern Warfare 2. Here's what you need to do to unlock them:

  • Gold camo - Complete all base camo challenges for a weapon and the gold camo challenges.
  • Platinum camo - Complete all camo challenges in a weapon category and the platinum camo challenges.
  • Polyatomic / Element camo - Unlock Platinum camo for all weapon categories.
  • Orion camo - Unlock all camos for all weapons in the game.

It takes plenty of time to unlock the challenges as you need to rank up the weapons by using them. To do this as fast as possible, we recommend using a double weapon XP so you can get your hands on the coveted camos quicker.

What does the Modern Warfare 2 mastery camo look like?

Orion camo is an evolution of Damascus camo from 2019's Modern Warfare. The purples and blues return to create a striking visual on any gun you choose.

Unlock Polyatomic camo for all 51 weapons that appear when the game launches in order to get your hands on this camo.

Modern Warfare 2 orion camouflage
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Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 season 1 start date

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2 begins on November 16, 2022. This coincides with the launch of Warzone 2 and DMZ. Expect plenty of new content, including new weapons and maps, to make their way to multiplayer.

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