Modern Warfare 2 Infected mode - How to win, tips, and more

Modern Warfare 2 Infected mode
Credit: Activision
February 15, 2023: Season Two starts today! Find all you need to know about Infected in this useful guide.

There's a huge variety of game modes within Modern Warfare 2 but thanks to skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), there are very few opportunities to play something with less focus on scoring the most points or earning the most kills. Thankfully, the Modern Warfare 2 Infected mode provides a little respite.

Since its debut in Modern Warfare 3, Infected has become a hugely popular mode especially if you're after a more casual gameplay experience without the need to use the very best guns in order to score the win. The concept is incredibly straightforward to understand and often provides moments worthy of any highlight reel.

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What is the Modern Warfare 2 Infected mode?

Infected sees a total of 18 players dropping into the map. One of them starts the match as an Infected player and it's their goal to eliminate the rest of the lobby before the five-minute timer runs out.

If you're not Infected, the goal is to avoid elimination by hiding or shooting any opponents that try and stop you. Surviving the timer wins the round and the first team to reach the target, wins.

Modern Warfare 2 Infected mode
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Credit: Activision

Modern warfare 2 Infected mode tips

There are numerous ways to avoid the opposition over the course of an Infected match. Whether you prefer to run around and shoot anyone that gets too close for comfort or a stealthier approach where your surroundings work to your advantage, different styles of play work extremely well.

Having played hundreds of Infected matches over the years, moving around the map is a surefire way to avoid capture but it's not without its risks. Constantly moving leaves you vulnerable to a surprise attack from behind so keeping your wits about you is hugely important.

When does Modern Warfare 2 Infected launch?

Infected finally makes its way to Modern Warfare 2 as part of the Season Two update as one of several party game modes heading to multiplayer. Let's hope SBMM doesn't manage to impact what's always an extremely entertaining game mode to play.

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