Best Modern Warfare 2 Vaznev 9K loadout

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Modern Warfare 2 players aiming and carrying hostage
Credit: Activision
December 5, 2022: Ahead of Season One Reloaded, the Vaznev 9K continues to prove popular. Scroll down for the best loadout you can use.

The best Modern Warfare 2 Vaznev 9K loadout is bound to capture the attention of players as they jump into multiplayer during the opening season. Modern Warfare 2 comes with a huge variety of new weapons alongside guns fans of the franchise will find familiar.


Described as a "modern version of the AK platform," the SMG that heavily resembles the AK-74u features a high rate of fire resulting in incredible close-quarters and mid-range performance. However, a high fire rate results in plenty of recoil so attachment selection is crucial.

Before we take a closer look at the Vaznev 9K, check out our other guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle and the best Modern Warfare 2 perks to use as part of a multiplayer loadout.

What is the best Modern Warfare 2 Vaznev 9K loadout?

Attachment Name
MuzzleLockshot KT85
StockOtrezat Stock
Rear GripTrue Tac Grip

Although this build doesn't fill all five attachment slots, it still packs a lethal punch on the battlefield.

The slight boosts to the range and recoil control significantly improve versatility in mid-range gunfights.


Best Modern Warfare 2 Vaznev 9K attachments

The Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith includes a wide variety of attachments allowing players to modify the Vaznev 9K to suit all styles of play. Here's what we recommend:

  • Muzzle: Lockshot KT85
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock
  • Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip

This simple, yet hugely effective, attachment combination enhances mobility and recoil alongside increasing the range in order to improve versatility. The Lockshot KT85 muzzle reduces horizontal and vertical recoil enough to prevent any unwanted kick while the True-Tac grip improves sprint-to-fire and aim-down sight speed.

There are only minor improvements to the Veznev 9K but they're enough to make it a viable option.

Modern Warfare 2 Veznev 9K in gunsmith
Credit: Screengrab via Activision

How to unlock Vaznev 9K in Modern Warfare 2

The Vaznev 9k features as part of the Kastovia weapon platform meaning you need to use a different weapon in order to get hold of it. To unlock, rank up the Kastov 74u to level 15.


Best Modern Warfare 2 Vaznev 9K perks and equipment

While the best attachments for the Vaznev 9K remain a mystery, we can find a perk package and combination of equipment that's perfect to use alongside the SMG. Here's what we recommend.


  • Double Time (Base)
  • Battle Hardened (Base)
  • Fast Hands (Bonus)
  • Quick Fix (Ultimate)

The combination of Double Time and Battle Hardened is perfect to go alongside the Vaznev 9K. An increase in Tactical Sprint alongside resistance to flash and stun grenades ensures you navigate the map quickly and maintain focus on the target.


  • Semtex (Lethal)
  • Stun Grenade (Tactical)

Is the Vaznev 9K good in Modern Warfare 2?

The SMG category contains some of the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and after using the Vaznev 9K, there are few options that can compete with this SMG. It excels in close-range combat and mid-range engagements.

That's everything there is to know about the best Modern Warfare 2 Vaznev 9K loadout. For more, check out our guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifle and the Modern Warfare 2 maps making their way to multiplayer.