All Piglins and best unit counters in Minecraft Legends

A battle in progress in Minecraft Legends.

A battle in progress in Minecraft Legends.

While many gamers consider Minecraft Legends a copy of the original Minecraft that will never overcome the predecessor in popularity, some systems in the new game have been significantly improved. Mobs, with Minecraft Legends Piglins are one of the best samples of it.

In this guide, you'll learn about all Piglins and the best unit counters in Minecraft Legends. They come in different shapes and sizes but are united around the same goal of conquering the Overworld.

Minecraft Legends Piglin leaders list

Despite living in chaos, there is a clearly defined hierarchy between Piglins. It is made primarily by hard power, causing all the ordinary troops to be devoted to five leaders.

These leaders are the most potent Minecraft Legends Piglins. They are boss units, and encountering them in the Overworld is a big challenge. Still, a way more significant achievement is surviving after such an encounter.

  • Elder Piglin
  • Great Hog
  • The Beast - Horde of the Hunt leader
  • The Devourer - Horde of the Spore leader
  • The Unbreakable - Horde of the Bastion leader

Piglin troops list

Even though Piglin leaders are influential, they would never get the power without Piglin troops. They are obsessed with conquering the Overworld and can do everything needed. They are minor by the role but highly potent enemies in Minecraft Legends.

Piglin troops mine resources at Piglins' outpost, control the occupied territory, and act almost like zombies in the original Minecraft, trying to kill you by any chance. Piglins are the driving force of the Nether world, and you must spend much time fighting them.

  • Blaze Runt
  • Brute
  • Lava Launcher
  • Mace Runt
  • Piglin Builder
  • Pigmadillo
  • Portal Guard
  • Spore Medic
  • Seeker
  • Sporeback
  • Warboar

How to counter Piglins in Minecraft Legends

Despite being united around the same goal, Piglins significantly differ. Each uses a unique weapon and battle tactics. Sometimes it requires you to adjust your strategy. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to describe how to counter each Minecraft Legends Piglin.

Still, we can give you some valuable tips to help you fight Piglins. They can help you not only fight troops but also against bosses. Check the list below to learn them:

  • Keep the distance, as most Piglins are extremely good in melee fights
  • Don’t attack large groups of enemies, except in cases when you are forced to do so
  • Never underestimate Blaze Runts, because they are small but deadly

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