Will Minecraft Legends release on Mac?

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Learn how to play Minecraft Legends on Mac with our guide!

Minecraft Legends is one of most anticipated releases of April 2023. It's a wildly different take on the franchise, with most of the pressing questions cleared up with our recent Minecraft Legends review. But if you're interested in getting the game but don't own one of the listed platforms, you may need to read up on the idea of Minecraft Legends on Mac before you get too excited.

In this article, we'll explore the idea of Minecraft Legends releasing on MacOS and a myriad ways you can get around the current issue without investing in any new hardware. Cloud gaming doesn't suit every type of game, but this is one of the rarer exceptions to the rule.

Will Minecraft Legends release on Mac?

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series
  • Microsoft Windows

As you can see, macOS is not included in the list of platforms for Minecraft Legends' initial release. Despite all the rumours, there's no official reason to beleive that Minecraft Legends will release on Apple devices: either iOS or MacOS.

How to play Minecraft Legends on Mac

Even though Minecraft Legends on Mac will likely remain a dream for Minecraft fans, there is no reason to worry. Modern technologies allow you to enjoy Minecraft Legends from macOS even if the game doesn’t get officially released for this platform.


As was told in our Game Pass guide, Minecraft Legends will be available on Xbox Game Pass at its launch on day one, meaning that Game Pass subscribers can start playing the game without any delay. And as Xbox/PC Game Pass Ultimate comes with Cloud gaming support, subscribers can access Minecraft Legends via Xbox Cloud Gaming on MacOS through the app, a browser, or even dual-booting Windows.

One problem that might appear with playing Minecraft Legends on MacOS via Xbox Cloud Gaming is location. While most EU countries, the United Kingdom, and the United States support Cloud Gaming, citizens of other territories might have problems with support and server location. Follow the link and check if Xbox Cloud Gaming is available in your country to get an idea of how it might perform for you.

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