What is the max prestige in Meet Your Maker?

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A base in Meet Your Maker

The Meet Your Maker max prestige may confuse some, as the game never really tells you. This being said, it's a good sign of a tough base and changes the walkway up to the end, giving you some bragging rights.

In this guide, we go over what the Meet Your Maker max prestige is, how to maximise prestige points, and everything else you need to know if you want to really get into base building.

What is the Meet Your Maker max prestige?

The Meet Your Maker max prestige is currently 10. This means you have to get the appropriate prestige points to get to level 10 in the time it is operational. With a base that had a little over 2000 kills, I managed to achieve nearly ten times the prestige points necessary to fully prestige a small base.

Unfortunately, the amount of prestige points needed to prestige your base depends on how big the base is, and how hard you have made it. There are ways of maximising points, but the specifics are still a little hazy on exactly how much you will need.

How to get Meet Your Maker prestige points

You get prestige points from kills earned and accolades given in Meet Your Maker. This means that particularly artistic bases may be given points just for how creative they are. You can opt to maximise kills to get prestige points or maximise accolades.


The Trap Operator in your base can boost the prestige points you earn by up to 20%, so it is worth activating this if you have five outposts active and you're ready to earn. It will cost you though, so you need to watch out for your resources.

Prestige points stack, so you can earn enough in a single prestige to hit the next ten prestige levels. You will gain a lot of EXP for doing so!

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