How to slide in Madden 23

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Image of a runner jockeying two defenders in Madden 23.
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Want to add a bit of finesse to your runs in Madden 23? If such, learning how to slide in Madden 23 is a great tactic. Doing so can ensure your ball carrier gets underneath a diving defender, avoiding a tackle in the process. If you need a bit of help learning how to do it, we've got you covered.

In this Madden 23 guide, we'll explain exactly how to slide. Doing so is fortunately a very simple process, though the benefits it can have for your attacking play are numerous. You'll want to have it as a handy move in your arsenal, that's for sure.


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How do I slide in Madden 23?

As per the official Madden 23 website, you need to press one specific face button while running to perform a slide. On PlayStation consoles this is the square button, corresponding to the X button on Xbox.

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If you're sprinting away from a defender but can see a tackler about to strike you down, performing a slide can be a clever tactic. Rather than attempting to beat the opponent and breeze past, it'll send your player purposefully sliding on the floor to end that passage of play.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but sliding in Madden 23 is a very useful tactic. Not only does it ensure the ball isn't accidentally turned over or reclaimed by the opposition, but it guarantees the next play starts from where you slid. On top of that, if you've ended up running with a weaker player who you don't think will make it to the goal zone, it'll let you reset the play to try and pass to a more rapid attacker.

Of course, in a competitive game like Madden 23, sliding can always be a subtle way to flex on your opponent. Doing so can exude a sense of confidence that you don't even need to keep running, because you'll score the touchdown regardless.


Most of all though, it's a handy way for you to regain composure and start a new play after an unexpected yard gain. It's no use trying to go all the way for a touchdown with your slowest player, so sliding ensures they don't get injured in a tackle, and lets you recalibrate your tactics.

That's it for our look at how to slide in Madden 23! While it may seem like a fairly simple mechanic, the more tactically minded Madden players will no doubt find some use for it.

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