The Last of Us PS5 - How to use shiv

Image of Joel in The Last of Us Part I.

Image of Joel in The Last of Us Part I.

Want to take enemies down stealthily? If so, you'll need to know about the shiv in The Last of Us Part I. This limited-use weapon is hugely useful, especially when coming up against those dreaded Clickers. If you want some help learning about how to use shivs, then you're in the right place.

In this The Last of Us Part I guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about shivs. That includes how to use them, the specific cases where you absolutely need a shiv, and how to craft them. It'll make things nice and easy.

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How do I use a shiv in The Last of Us Part I on PS5?

To use a shiv in The Last of Us Part I, you'll have to sneak up behind an enemy. Rather than functioning as a normal melee weapon that you can swing at enemies by pressing the square button, it's instead a one-hit kill tool.

Slowly make your way behind an enemy, then press triangle to grab them. From there, you can choose either to stealth kill them by pressing square, or triangle again to stab them with the shiv for an instant kill.

The one distinction is when you come up against the fungus-infected Clickers. The only way to kill them while remaining stealthy is using a shiv, since you can't choke them like regular infected or human enemies. You can also take them out using guns or melee weapons, but these will make noise and attract other mobs. As such, the shiv is a reliable option.

However, one thing to know about shivs in The Last of Us Part I is that they deteriorate very quickly. When you first unlock them, each shiv breaks after one use, meaning you have to craft a new one. However, you can gradually upgrade them to ensure they last two, and eventually three, uses per shiv.

On top of that, you can use shivs to crack locks and get into otherwise inaccessible areas. These spots tend to contain extra crafting materials and even some ammo. Equally, there's a trophy linked to opening all shiv-locked areas, so completionists will want to get familiar.

Image of the shiv crafting menu in The Last of Us Part I.
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How do I craft a shiv in The Last of Us Part I?

Fortunately, crafting a shiv in The Last of Us Part I is a very common process, and one you'll end up doing fairly often. It only requires two components: a blade and binding. One of each is enough to craft one shiv. As mentioned, each shiv can withstand more uses as you gradually upgrade it during the game.

To craft a shiv, simply press the touchpad on the DualSense controller. Then scroll to the top-right option, and hold down the X button to craft a shiv, provided you have the required materials.

That's it for our look at how to use a shiv in The Last of Us Part I! While you're here, feel free to also see whether the PS5 remake contains multiplayer, as well as whether it'll come to PS4 down the line.

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