Knockout City: How To Get Wings

Knockout City is full of cosmetics to customize your character with as you pelt your foe with balls. One of these cosmetics is a set of Knockout City wings that can be easy or difficult to get depending if you know anybody in the right Crews. Here's how to get Wings in Knockout City.

How To Get Wings in Knockout City

You can actually wear wings on your Crew Logo slot, but you'll need to wear their Crew's own logo and a complimentary design to it. Knockout City's Wings are exclusive to the extra designs.

As of now, the wings can only be obtained through the Crew system and nowhere else in the game.

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Wings in Knockout City are Crew Logo cosmetics only.
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EA Knockout City Wings

How To Get In Crews For Wings

To get the wings, players will need to get in a crew that has the wings extra design for the Crew Logo. Wear the Crew Logo with the wings, and you're all set.

If securing a crew with the Wings design is not possible because you don't belong to a Crew, you'll need to make your own crew and earn the Wings design. That last part is going to take some work, though. This design is a random reward from the Street Rank level ups, so it might take a while to actually get the reward. It seems it's completely random as well, so there's no method of increasing the drop rate.

For now, players who want to get the Wings has these two options to get the Wings cosmetic for their character. For now, players will need to work if they want to wear wings into matches of Knockout City.

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