How to get scissors in Hello Neighbour 2

the sky in Hello neighbor 2

the sky in Hello neighbor 2

Knowing how to get scissors in Hello Neighbour 2 is important and the path to this key item is fortunately pretty simple. The scissors stay relevant during your entire playthrough, and they’re an easy grab, so we recommend getting your hands on them as soon as you can.

You can find this item in a treehouse close to your starting point in Hello Neighbour 2. You’ll need to handle a straightforward puzzle first. After you’ve claimed them, you’ll be able to snip your way through police tape, trim houseplants and more to tackle Hello Neighbour’s wild and whacky obstacles.

Read on to find out how to get this important item and cut to the chase of the sinister disappearances in Raven Brooks. We also have guides on the safe codes in the game and whether multiplayer will be added soon.

How to get scissors in Hello Neighbour 2

The scissors are in a treehouse, which you can find just to the right of a police blockade in Act 1. To get inside, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Head into the garden, past the base of the treehouse itself. You should spot a trampoline on your left.
  1. Bounce a couple of times to gain height, then make the jump to the roof.
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  1. Carefully clamber across the tree branch to your left to enter the treehouse.

Once you’re inside you should see a train track, a poster of a cardboard knight, and the cardboard knight itself. The scissors are in the cardboard model train station. Due to what we can only assume is a chronic fear of either cardboard or public transportation, you can’t reach inside to get the scissors. You’ll need to redirect the train to nudge them out of their hidey-hole.

Unfortunately, the train is on the wrong track and the switch is missing. To get the switch, you need to reunite the Cardboard Knight with his missing arm, then match his pose with the one on the poster.

Interact with the poster to pull it to one side. You’ll find a secret compartment with the arm inside. Grab it, reattach it to the statue, and interact with its limbs to match it to the poster. This might take a little fiddling, but you’ll know when you’ve succeeded; the statue’s eyes should light up and its chest will open.

Take the switch, attach it to the dock by the train track, and flip it. The train should pull into the station on its next circuit, freeing the scissors from their cardboard prison. You’ll be able to grab them and make use of their snipping powers for the rest of your playthrough!

What are the scissors used for?

The scissors are used for a variety of puzzles and obstacles in Hello Neighbour 2. You can use them to snip through police tape, but they’re also used in puzzles later in the game. It’s a great idea to get your hands on this key item early on.

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