Harry Potter Quidditch Champions - Release date speculation and test details

A screenshot of the title image of Harry Potter Quidditch Champions.
Credit: Warner Bros. Games, Unbroken Studios, Portkey Games

A screenshot of the title image of Harry Potter Quidditch Champions.
Credit: Warner Bros. Games, Unbroken Studios, Portkey Games

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To learn more about the game, we bring to you this hub on the Harry Potter Quidditch Champions release date speculation and test details. Calling all Quidditch fans! There's finally a game to play the magical game of Quidditch from the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

With the announcement recently dropping, Unbroken Studios seems to be the developer of the game with Portkey Games publishing. A lot of Harry Potter fans have been requesting an updated Quidditch game ever since the Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup game. Now they have it, with this game that has been crafted with modern graphics and technology.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions release date speculation and test details

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is a standalone game that emphasises the iconic wizarding sport of Quidditch. With Hogwarts Legacy released earlier this year, players found out that Quidditch is unplayable in-game. But this new standalone Quidditch game compensates for that.

A screenshot of a character from Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.
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Credit: Warner Bros. Games, Unbroken Studios, Portkey Games

According to a recent announcement, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is a competitive, multiplayer game that has been in development for years. Players will be able to either create their own competitors or battle against other players in this game. This means that Harry Potter Quidditch Champions can be played solo or online.

However, party limits for group playing haven't been confirmed yet. Furthermore, the game is also planning to include "broomstick adventures" in addition to the sporting game, which means players could go on adventurous journeys outside of the playing field.

Character customisation in Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Besides the Quidditch matches for players to look forward to, they can also customise their characters according to their liking. Unlike the detailed clothing seen in Hogwarts Legacy's character customisation, we might not be getting a full-on customisation feature. We'll just see what the game has to offer in its coming teasers and full release. Though it would be great to see customised team clothing. However, this detail hasn't been brought up yet.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions release date speculation

With that information revealed, we still don't have a concrete date yet for the game's release. We can, however, predict that the game might drop later this year or perhaps in early 2024.

As playtests have commenced, it means that the game is almost ready to be launched for the general public. Moreover, in terms of platforms, the game will be released for PC and some consoles. However, these consoles haven't been indicated yet.

How to sign up for Harry Potter Quidditch Champions playtest

If you plan to play Quidditch Champions, you can sign up for the game's playtest. To do so, just head on over to the game's official website and sign up to be considered. You'll just need to provide your date of birth, email, and other details the sign-up will ask for.

The playtests have been running since April 21, 2023. While signing up doesn't guarantee early access beta to the game, it does increase your chances of being considered.

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