How to get a Railgun in GTA Online

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GTA Online Michael holding Railgun
Credit: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto's online mode contains a huge variety of weaponry you can use throughout your endeavours. One question on the minds of players following the Los Santos Drugs War update is how to get a Railgun. This particular weapon is capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage which comes in handy when having to destroy some vehicles.

The Railgun comes with a hefty price tag but the sheer levels of destruction it possesses mean it's one of the strongest weapons in the entire arsenal. While players continue paying tribute to the late Ken Block, they're also on the hunt for the next great gun to dominate their rivals.

Before we reveal how to get a Railgun in GTA Online, take a look at how to win the GTA Online Podium Car and how to make money fast.

How to unlock Railgun

Thanks to recent Newswire posts, GTA Online fans were quick to uncover clues surrounding the Rail gun and how get it. If you still want to obtain the weapon, it's a rather straightforward process. All you need to do is purchase the railgun from the gun van.

The gun van appears all over Los Santos so keep your eyes peeled for the elusive arms dealer.

GTA Online Railgun price
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Credit: Rockstar Games

How much is the GTA Online Railgun?

You'll need plenty of cash to get your hands on the Railgun in GTA Online. It costs $730,000 which is a considerable amount to spend on a singular weapon. Two rounds of ammunition aren't cheap either. You'll need $1,000 for a couple of shots but if you want to cause all kinds of carnage, it's certainly worth the cost.

GTA Online gun van location

As of January 13, the location of the gun van is north of Fort Zancudo around the back of Hookies Diner. When you're within its proximity of the location, the gun van icon will appear on the map.

The gun van location switches location every day between 30 different locations and thanks to content creator GTA Series Videos, we know exactly where it could be at any given moment. Check the video below for all of the locations.

Is the Railgun good in GTA Online?

Although the Railgun is one of the more unique GTA Online weapons available, its explosions aren't the biggest. However, it can destroy any unarmoured vehicle with ease and comes with a superior reload speed than the rocket launcher.

After using it, the gun is extremely user-friendly and excellent in several PvP and PvE scenarios. The only drawback is tracking down the gun van.

There you have it. That's how to get the Railgun in GTA Online. For all things GTA, take a look at our page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides for Rockstar's hugely popular franchise.

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