Gotham Knights silent takedown - How to eliminate enemies

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Batgirl performing a silent takedown in Gotham Knights.

Given the weight of challenge required to save Gotham City, it's no surprise that stealth is such a key component in Gotham Knights. The heroes you play as often need to sneak around to avoid detection, slowly picking off enemies to clear a room. Therefore, you'll need to know how the Gotham Knights stealth takedown works.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about the Gotham Knights stealth takedown. That includes how you perform it, the specific situations in which you can use it, and whether you can chain silent takedowns together, similar to the Fear Multi Takedown mechanic in Batman: Arkham Knight.

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How do I perform a stealth takedown in Gotham Knights?

To perform the Gotham Knights stealth takedown, all you need to do is press the corresponding input when the option pops up on-screen. As with the Arkham series, it's triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox.

Pressing this when behind an enemy and undetected will cause your hero of choice to put the grunt in a chokehold, eliminating them without drawing any attention. It's especially useful during stealth sequences, where detection would lead to a huge brawl. Even better, you can use this move no matter whether you're crouching or stood upright.

However, crucially you need to be undetected when performing a stealth takedown. If enemies are already aware of your presence, you can perform a regular takedown instead. This doesn't give you the same luxury of silence, though.

On top of that, a few set pieces in Gotham Knights require you to remain completely undetected. For example, there's a mission during Case File 4 where if you're spotted by patrolling thugs, you go back to the last checkpoint. As such, it's crucial to be very familiar with the stealth takedown.

Nightwing standing in an illuminated cave in Gotham Knights.
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Can I chain together Gotham Knights stealth takedowns?

Unfortunately, there's no way to chain together stealth takedowns in Gotham Knights. Each one takes around five seconds to perform from start to finish, which can be quite time-consuming in crowded areas. There's nothing worse than a new goon spotting you while you're busy eliminating one of their buddies.


As such, you'll need to rely on your planning to avoid detection, rather than a chain mechanic to let you quickly flit from enemy to enemy. While there is a dedicated momentum bar in Gotham Knights, that doesn't give you free-flow movement like the Fear Multi Takedown mechanic in Batman: Arkham Knight.

That's it for our look at the Gotham Knights stealth takedown! For even more on the game, check out whether it's part of the Arkham series, as well as whether it has crossplay or not.

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