What is the Gotham Knights max level?

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Red Hood holding a gun in Gotham Knights

Want to know the max level in Gotham Knights? Levelling up your character is one of the necessary components of any RPG. It allows you to make your hero more potent, increase stats, and get new skills in the meantime. Fortunately, most RPGs let you incrementally update your character over time.

In Gotham Knights, all four of the playable heroes have a level cap. As such, there's only a certain level you can reach before you stop earning XP. In this guide, you will find out exactly what that max level is in Gotham Knights.

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What is the Gotham Knights max level?

When you playing Gotham Knights for the first time, the maximum level you can reach is 30. After that, you will be able to play the game and earn resources and XP. However, it does not affect the game progress, and you won't go anywhere past level 30.

When you finish the main story by completing Case File 8, you can restart the game in New Game+, playing it again from the first mission. In New Game+, the max level is 40. Even better, when you transfer your progress to New Game+, your character's levels will be transferred as well. Therefore, provided you've maxed out the original save, you'll already be level 30.

However, you should be careful while levelling up. Make sure to choose skills for your character when you increase the level in Gotham Knights. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change selected skills in the future by refunding them and spending them on other attributes. Therefore, remember that your choice will affect all further gameplay.

One good thing is that all four of your Gotham Knights characters level up together. As such, there's only one continuous XP tree to follow throughout the game, equally split between Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing. Therefore, you won't need to grind each character to get them to the max level.

Batgirl looking upon the Gotham City skyline in Gotham Knights
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How do I level up fast in Gotham Knights?

Nothing is challenging about getting XP fast in Gotham Knights. The more you play the game, the higher level you'll reach, without too much extra effort. However, some valuable tips might allow you to progress much faster. We've got a few for you to check out.

Focus on missions and challenges

Mission and challenges in Gotham Knights are an excellent source of XP for your heroes. While completing most missions, you'll tackle several waves of enemies, which is pretty straightforward. After each encounter, you'll net yourself some XP. The further you go through the main story, the more challenging battles will become. As such, the more XP you earn!


Complete bonus objectives

Bonus objectives are one of the most underestimated XP sources in Gotham Knights. They appear while completing missions, Premeditated Crimes, and other quests. Each one is a smaller sub-objective you can either choose to complete or ignore.

Check out the bonus objectives before completing the mission, and try to finish them during the battle. They always promise an extra dose of XP, so there's no harm in trying to complete them every time.

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