Gotham Knights length - How long does it take to beat?

Batgirl crouching on a rooftop in Gotham Knights

Batgirl crouching on a rooftop in Gotham Knights

Curious about the Gotham Knights length? This new game based on DC Comics characters proclaims itself to be deeper than any previous entries before. As a fully-fledged action RPG, you won't be surprised to learn that you need to dedicate more time to completing all its main quest chapters.

In this Gotham Knights guide, we'll break down how long it'll take you to beat the game. We'll also explore how many chapters there are, so you can plan some long play-sessions to save Gotham City in just a few sittings.

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How long is Gotham Knights?

By our estimation, Gotham Knights is about 12 hours long.

That's the length of time it took for us to play through the main quest from start to finish, with a few side objectives and spontaneous activities sprinkled in. For completionists looking to play all of the narrative content Gotham Knights has to offer, you're probably looking at closer to 20 hours worth of gameplay.

As such, Gotham Knights is roughly the same length as the more extensive games in the Arkham series. It's also worth noting that we didn't attempt to grind between chapters to reach the recommended levels, so if you choose to strengthen before some of the tougher sections, it'll take you a bit longer.

Regardless, even casual players should be able to get through the main quest of Gotham Knights within a few weeks of consistent gameplay. Just brace yourself for all the other side content you'll want to check out!

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How many chapters are in Gotham Knights?

The Gotham Knights main quest comprises of eight chapters. These are all of varying length, though they'll tend to take between one to two hours each.

Each main chapter is labelled a Case File in the in-game HUD, mostly focusing on a different character of interest or location. Each one usually consists of two missions: one where you complete various side activities across Gotham, and one where you explore a new area, uncovering much more of the story as a result.

Equally, you can expect at least three side chapters focused on a different member of Gotham City's rogues gallery. During your quests you'll encounter Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and Harley Quinn. Their adventures take place outside of the main story, so you can come back to those once you've rolled credits to take those villains down.

That's it for our look at the length of Gotham Knights! For even more on the game, check out our Robin build, Nightwing build, Red Hood build, and Batgirl build. We've also got a look at the game's single-player modes, as well as a Man-Bat boss guide.

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