Genshin Impact Nurseries in the Wild - Locations and how to complete the grass puzzle

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Genshin Impact Nurseries in the Wild grass puzzle
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Have you noticed some perfectly square areas of grass that look a little odd in Sumeru in Genshin Impact? These are the Nurseries in the Wild puzzles!

The Sumeru grass puzzles can leave players scratching their heads, especially as some are a lot harder to work out than others. There's also no rhyme or reason to finding them. Here, we've got each location detailed and what you will receive for completing these grassy brain teasers.


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Genshin Impact grass puzzle - How to complete the Sumeru puzzles

The puzzles are made up of squares of grass in a line, with corners and turns. They're often found near round houses that the Aranara dwell in, too.


The only patch that is lit it up is your starting point. As you step on the blocks, they will bloom with purple flowers. Head to the next block that glows and has 'butterflies' on it, and follow the puzzle around. Don't miss any squares, and don't step on the same square twice, or step off the puzzle, as it will reset.

Once you've completed the puzzle and picked the Vasmrti, the surrounding field will bloom into flowers and a chest will await you.

Grass puzzle locations

There are 12 Nurseries in the Wild puzzle locations, dotted across Sumeru. All of them are easily reachable from nearby Teleport Waypoints, or Statues of the Seven. You can wander freely around Sumeru and look for them yourself, but if you feel a little lost, we're here to help.


Note that you don't need to do these puzzles in any particular order, this is just how we wrote their locations as we found them.

What do I get from these puzzles?

Next to these squares of grass, there's a wilted flower. When the puzzle is completed, it will bloom and become harvestable, giving you a Vasmrti flower. There are 12 of these available, one from each puzzle, and they can be planted in a field in Vanarana.


You will need to complete the 'Varuna Gatha' quest to unlock the plantable plots, however. The Aranara stationed here will also give you a furniture blueprint.

After harvesting the plant, you'll get a chest with rewards too like Mora, XP materials, and Artifacts. The completed fields will then grow Sumeru Roses.

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