Genshin Impact Dendroculus locations - how many Dendroculus are there?

Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Sumeru in Genshin Impact
August 24, 2022: One tireless Twitter user has stuffed every Dendroculus location into a single Twitter thread. Check it out below if you're struggling.

Looking tirelessly for those pesky Genshin Impact Dendroculus locations? Every region in Teyvat is bulging with collectibles, and Sumeru is no different. On top of flora, fauna, and the usual floating Seelies far away from their little homes, there is also the elemental Oculi used to upgrade the statues in the region.

The glowing green objects will be strewn across the map - found in the sky, in caves, inside buildings, and hidden in trees to name a few possible locations. We're sure to have our work cut out for us collecting these new Dendroculi, as Sumeru is slated to be a very large area adding on to the Teyvat map.

Genshin Impact 3.0 of Genshin Impact is here, so check out our hub page there to see what's coming. There are also some Genshin Impact codes to get some Primogems, and out updated Genshin Impact tier list, which lists out the best new characters to add to your squad.

Dendroculus locations

Right out of the gate, Twitter user Its Eon @gt_eon has thrown every known Dendroculus location onto a bunch of easy-to-read maps.

They were even considerate enough to have them in a single Twitter thread, meaning we can link the whole link below so that you don't need a Twitter account of your own - though it would be nice to give it a Like in appreciation for their hard work.

How many Dendroculus are there?

Allegedly, there are a whopping 270 in total to collect across the forest and desert regions. This makes it the most abundant region after Inazuma, which had 180 Electroculi scattered around its islands.

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Dendroculi (or Dendroculus if we're talking about a single one) are the elemental version of collectibles for the Sumeru region.

These Oculi can be used to upgrade the Statue of the Seven, and in turn, get rewards like added stamina and Primogems. Each Statue can reach up to level nine, so you'll need a good amount of them to max out the region's statue.

Sumeru statue of the Seven
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Statues of the Seven are also where your main character, the Traveler, can go to change the element they currently hold by resonating with the region's element as well. You won't need to feed it your Dendroculi to do so, but it's a good time to give it any you have.

To upgrade the Statues of the Seven in Sumeru, you'll reportedly need the following:

Dendroculi needed
From level 1 to 2
From level 2 to 3
From level 3 to 4
From level 4 to 5
From level 5 to 6
From level 6 to 7
From level 7 to 8
From level 8 to 9
From level 9 to 10

In terms of what rewards we'll get from the Sumeru Statues of the Seven, we won't know for sure until we're deeper into Sumeru ourselves.

What we expect, though, is the usual XP, sigils, Pirmogems, and stamina upgrades. On top of that, Inazuma gave us items to update our Electro Traveler's constellations and Shrine of Depths keys. Liyue provided Stones of Remembrance for a specific quest, and Mondstadt just gave us the basics.

We may get items to unlock Dendro constellations for our Dendro Travelers, or maybe some items for an upcoming quest. We'll update once we know more.

And that's it for the Dendroculi locations! Check out our Teyvat traveler guide to Sumeru, and the Dendro element to prepare for the new update. There are also our build guides for newcomers Tighnari and Collei! For even more content to tide you over, check out our Genshin Impact voice actors page.

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