Genshin Impact 3.2 livestream - Date, time, maintenance, promo codes, and banners

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Genshin Impact's new Sumeru characters in a summery background

It's almost time for a new update to Hoyoverse's stand-out game, Genshin Impact! Though the last couple of updates have come in quick succession, Genshin Impact's update schedule is heading back to six-week-long blocks instead of five. Here's when the Genshin Impact 3.2 livestream is happening!

3.2 is the last five-week update we will get. Rest assured, it will be packed with events, banner reruns, and new characters. Though a lot of what we've seen is leaks, it's not long now before we'll get confirmation of what to expect in the third Sumeru update.


Check out an in-depth look at version 3.2 here, as well as the banner schedule so far. Need some more Primogems? Then here is our page for all the working Genshin Impact codes.

When is the Genshin Impact 3.2 livestream?

The Genshin Impact stream for the version 3.2 update will happen on Sunday October 23 at 1 PM BST. Friday, October 21 is the date the stream would tend to fall on given the regular schedule, but it has been pushed back due to National Congress Day in China.

New character Layla stood on a flower pedestal in Genshin Impact

What are the new Genshin Impact 3.2 characters and banners?

Nahida, the Dendro Archon, will release as a playable character in Genshin Impact 3.2. She will be a 5-star character with her own banner and will use a Catalyst. Of course, there is also a brand new 5-star Catalyst on the weapon banner just for her, if you feel like pulling for both!


She will be joined by a brand-new 4-star character, who we assume will be involved in the 3.2 story. However, she hasn't even been mentioned in the story so far. She may potentially be in Nahida's specific story quest, too.

Her name is Layla, and she is a Cryo sword user. This makes her the fourth Cryo Sword user in the game after Qiqi, Ayaka, and Kaeya. Her kit revolves around support, as she has a robust shield and an AoE burst.

Now, here is where the speculation truly starts! No other 5-Star banners are confirmed until the stream, though there are some powerful rumours. It is thought that Yoimiya and Tartaglia are up for reruns, as they will supposedly feature in an event in the 3.2 update. However, this event has not shown up in the beta, or any recent leaks, so this is now up for debate. Other likely candidates are Hu Tao and Ayato, as both are due a rerun soon. 4-stars other than Layla remain a mystery.

Yae Miko is very likely to have a rerun in the second half of the update, as she has been seen in leaks of an event that is happening in version 3.2. The banner's 4-stars have not even been speculated just yet.

Which events are coming in Genshin Impact 3.2?

As with every story update to Genshin Impact, there will be some new events coming, along with reruns and new bosses. For 3.2, here is what has leaked so far:

  • Fabulous Fungus Frenzy
    • This event has players capture, befriend, and use fungi in battle, like a Pokémon-type mini-game. Allegedly there will be a free Dori unit among the rewards.
  • Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens
    • A new chapter to this event titled the Greenery Chapter will take place, where players must capture photos in Sumeru's forest.
  • Hypostatic Symphony
    • A combat event featuring a Dendro, Pyro, and a Hydro Hypostasis.
  • Liben's Marvellous Merchandise
    • Liben is back for another rerun, where you can exchange items for mystery gift boxes.

Nahida will of course get her story quest, and Layla will have a hangout event. These will be unlockable with Story Keys.

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