Fraymakers tier list (March 2024) - Who's the best character?

Fraymakers character

Fraymakers character

Fighting games have had a great couple of years, and the market is only getting stronger with some top contenders on the horizon. If you want to get in the big indie release of the new year, this Fraymakers tier list should be a massive help. It's a game in a same vein as Smash Bros. and Multiversus, focusing on popular and iconic characters from the indie game movement.

In this, we go over characters currently in the game, speculate about new ones, and go through when we think the next batch of fighters is due to arrive. Though it's still in early access, there's still quite a bit to go over.

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Fraymakers tier list - Who's the best character in the game?

Fraymakers tier list




Commander Video



As of right now, there are only four characters in the game. This being said, there are plans to have ten total, and we know of two others coming in the near future. For this reason, we will do some speculation about the characters we know, and grade them based on their early performance.


Welltaro, from Downwell, is one of the most consistent fighters in the game due to his great jump abilities. Almost everything he does is based on his supply of bullets. This means you can use him to be very aggressive or hit the ground with those bullets to push yourself back up.

He is an agile character with tonnes of agility. He is a little less fancy than others but great where you need it.

Commander Video

Commander Video, from the Bit.Trip series, has the power of speed and jumps on their side. He is super speedy and can be used to totally overwhelm your opponent. They have a pretty high skill ceiling, due to how technical his moves have to be.

His up-air attack fires him like a rocket, which is a great comeback move but can be a little limiting.


Orcane, from Rivals of Aether, can be a bit of a combo machine if you use them right. Their up tilt can juggle enemies and they have super solid movement speed for nice combos.

He is naturally very low down to the earth, making him slightly worse in the air but he makes up for it his very quick moveset.

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Octodad, from the indie hit of the same name, uses those long tentacles well with quick grabs and juggle moves. He is especially good in the air with his reach but his movement suffers a little here.

Characters with better movement abilities can run around him but he can corner off parts of the stage and just dominate the edge of the map.

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000

Though he is not yet in the game, Ultra Fishbunjin 3000, a secret boss from Ittle Dew and a brawler in another similar game, looks like an interesting character. They are bigger than many of the other characters, utilising heavier attacks and grabs.

They look like they may play similarly to the likes of Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros.

The Watcher

Being from Slay the Spire, The Watcher is a bit of a mystical character, utilising three different forms to get different effects. It seems likely that they'll use a similar mechanic in Fraymakers.

This gives them the chance to be one of the most unique characters in the game.

When will more Fraymakers characters come out?

The game has just hit early access. This means we can expect a full release at some point over the next year or so. We have been told that two new characters will drop during the early access period, with another four expected by the full release.

With this all in mind, we can expect the next few weeks to be spent fixing up the game and clearing any issues, with subsequent months being used to add new characters and balance the game. We are likely to see another character over the next two months or so.

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