Fortnite x Bleach - Release date speculation, skins, and more

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Fortnite x Bleach - Release date speculation, skins, and more

If you're looking for Fortnite Bleach release date, here is what we know about it so far. Though we don't have direct confirmation, many fans think we could see this crossover, due to a new arc in the show and previous crossovers.

As well as going over when we think this crossover could take place, we go over why it could eventually happen and some skins we think the game could add. Bleach has tonnes of material, spread over hundreds of episodes, so there's a lot to play around with.

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Fortnite Bleach release date speculation

As of right now, we have no official confirmation the Fortnite Bleach crossover is happening, this being said, we have a good idea of when it could come out if it does. There is a new arc to the anime launching soon called Bleach thousand-year blood war. If the crossover does come out, it seems likely that it will coincide with this.

Fortnite x Bleach - Release date speculation, skins, and more
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If this is the case, Bleach thousand-year blood war is airing in Japan on October 10. The crossover may happen alongside this or Epic Games could choose to wait until it is translated and launched worldwide. It is coming to Disney+, so it could happen alongside this launch. We'll have to wait for confirmation of the release date to see if this is true.

Fortnite Bleach skins

There are tonnes of great skins ideas Fortnite could draw upon. As well as the main cast like Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, and Kisuke Urahara, we could see tortured spirits and demons too. There are plenty of ideas to play around with here.

Though skins will always be the biggest draw, this isn't the only cool item we could see in the game. For instance, Fortnite could replace the standard pickaxe for Ichigo's Zangetsu, a great big sword. If not this, we could see the return of a legendary melee weapon like we saw with Darth Vader's Lightsaber.

Finally, there is tonnes of material for new sprays, like phrases from the show or some of the secondary characters.

Why the Fortnite Bleach crossover could happen


Fortnite has a history of strange collabs over the last few years. Generally, they're pretty good at picking up what's popular and using it in the game's story. In August, 2022, Fortnite brought Dragon Ball to the game. Before this, we saw Naruto come to the game.

These were long-requested collabs and proved to be incredibly popular. It seems likely they will continue to work with legacy anime like this. Bleach is one of the biggest, so this seems like a natural step.

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